12V at OD hot wire all the time



What would happen if the 12V signal to the fourth pressure switch were on all the time. Would this hurt anything? Doesn't the 4th switch only make electrical contact when the car is in fourth gear? If so, the TCC would not be energized until hitting fourth gear. Additionally, the car would fall out of "lockup" as soon as it slowed to third gear or lower.

Am I way wrong here?


Kinda..... A gn has two pressure switches. One for 3rd and one for 4th. If 4th was always on it may lock as soon as chip gets or sends signal. Like at 30 mph or so with stock chip. Most aftermarket chips bump it up to 45 but you would have to ck your chip. As for 4th signal all the time the filter could actually be touching the top of switch or it may just be a bad switch. Either way easy to fix. However , if your 4th gear wire is touching ground like pinched or rubbed thru somewhere, same signal would appear on direct scan or whatever you are using to see it on. I would start by cking pressure switches for operation and if all fine start to backtrack from there. Hope I didnt confuse you anymore than you were. If you need more on this call the shop during the day and I will gladly walk you thru it..:)