145 mph speedo


May 25, 2001
is there any way to tell if your speedo cluster has been modded or just need to drive side by side with somebody to confirm speed?

both me and my buddys car have the 145 over lay mine is also in metric (short lines) ,but there are no reducers

Chris P.
Just compare your speedometer reading to the VSS reading on your scan tool while your driving. The scan tool will be more accurate.
My 145 speedo (factory, not a conversion) is dead on with my turbo link reading.
The ones that have been recalibrated will match the scantool. The ones that use a reducer, will not.

If you have access to a hand held gps receiver, you can drive down the road and compare the gps speed reading to the speedometer.
What is this conversion you guys are talking about and where do I go to get one? PITA to install? Expensive?
Sorry, I'm a newbie to TR's and the 85 mph speedo has GOT TO GO!
Most of the vendors sell a new face plate decal that uses the kilometer per hour scale as mph.

Many people use a 5/8s speed reducer to get the speedometer to read 50 mph when it is pointing at what used to be 50 kph.

The problem is that the vss is now giving out the wrong speed to the ecm and the functions that are affected by the ecm are now screwed up. I guess a savvy chip guy could get around some or all of that in the chip.

The better way, imo, to do it is to have the speedometer recalibrated by a speedometer shop so that it read properly. This keeps the vss and speedometer in line so such things like tcc lockup are not affected.

At one time, Kirban used to put the new faces on speedometers and have them recalibrated. He would keep some on hand with various mileages and you would look for one with similar mileage to yours...I bought one and it has worked well for a long time.

It's a bit of a pain to change them out but not impossible by any means...