15" Kirban GNX style wheels for trade

I have a set of 15" Kirban GNX style wheels, and I was checking to see if anyone is interested in trading their wheels for this set. The wheels are in excellent shape. No curb rash....needs some cleaning, but overall very nice. Caps are in good shape, but I myself would change them out, as they are not in as good of shape as the wheels. I can take pics if anyone is serious. They are mounted on my GN now. I am in Oregon 97330. To be fair, we pay our own shipping for the wheels, or if you are somewhat local, we can meet halfway. I am not interested in selling the wheels outright. Some wheels I am interested in: GTA 4 fronts or GNX, 17" or 18" AR Torque Thrust, Centerline Warriors or Convos, Draglites. I am open, just email me with what you have. No junk please....your wheels should be in excellent shape with no curb rash. thanks for looking......HH
gnx type wheels

How close to gnx wheels are they?How wide are they?Does the center look like a gnx wheel,dothe centers look like gta wheels or are they flat?
Just look up Kirban GNX wheels, and you can see a picture of them. These are the 15" style. I can take pictures if you are interested