16" Torq Thrust D's are on.


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Torq thrust D.jpg
What do you guys think? Took a leap of faith buying these because I couldn't find a pic of them on another GN. They're 16x8 Torq Thrust D, 4" bs, Tires are 245/50 frt 255/50 rear , BFG gforce sport comp 2. I'm working on uploading more pics.
Any reason for not putting 255 on the front

Thanks guys.

I wasn't 100% sure how it was going to look until the wheels and tires were on the car so instead of experimenting with tire sizes I bought the same sizes as the GNX because I knew it would work. I know 255's would fit on the front but I didn't want it to look too bulky and there aren't many sizes to play with in a 16". I also like the look of having a slightly taller and wider tire in the rear. I must also say the wheel and tire upgrade has improved the handling drastically!
They look great, love "Bullitt" style wheels. 255's on the front looks to bulky as TX87 said, I would stick with 245/50's.
hello; I like em. Are those spokes grey in color? I think that's the color I see? If so too bad there not black.
Could you post more of a side profile if you don't mind. I'll bet you see alot more of the brake system now, drum (if you have them) and front disk.
Looks good! I have regular torque thrust on my car. 15 x 4 up from an 15 x 10 in the rear. These wheels look good on any car! Painted inside or not.
pic is upside down?? Yes the centers are gray. Actually I believe they call the color of the centers "anthracite" and they have a machined lip, not polished like the TTII's. I've considered doing the centers in black but I think it's a nice contrast. I'm not sure how much they weigh exactly but they're definitely lighter than the stock gn wheels.