$185 downpipe from kirban worth it?

I've only put hands on one of those and my advice is to port your stock elbow.

If you absolutely just have to buy a downpipe and can't get a good one, at least get a band clamp and don't use those damn Ubolt clamps. Those things are the debil!
Oh and if you get that downpipe, you'll still need to port your stock elbow. That's were any additional power will come from anyways.
On occasion a good THDP or ATR pipe will come up for $350-400. I would wait on one of those. Just saves a few more pennies.
Yep, just keep an eye in the for sale section, they come up for sale relatively often when people go in different directions. I got mine for 350.00 and just plugged the wideband hole until i got a gauge and senser.
what downpipe would be worth buying

How much air are you moving? How fast is your car now? If you're not exceeding the flow rate of a stock ported elbow, that money could be spent elsewhere on something that would help.
I had one. It's not bad, but way easier to install a classic THDP style or external gate. Get a RJC racing 3 inch or find a used pipe.
If you want to be cheap, I'll sell you a used Kirbans for $135 shipped. Assuming you are in the lower 48
Don't bother with the Kirbans pipe...been there...done that. Google Steve Monroe Throttle Bodies. He ports/polishes the stock elbows.
I had one years ago, their ok, and Certainly better than stock....but like others have said above, every now and again a THDP comes up for sale....
The stock elbow has a serious bidness lip on the outlet side. You can install a 14" downpipe and the lip is your limiting factor.

If you pull the elbow off, you'll see exactly the lip I''m talking about.
What mods do you currently have and what are your goals? A nice Downpipe might look sexy but not be the best bang for your buck (depending on your current mods) nor the best use of limited resources. Cheap DP's in general may have irritating fitment issues. If you really need to have one, save up and buy a good one.
I been looking at buying a downpipe and came across this one http://www.kirbanperformance.com/pr..."+Bolt-In+DOWN+PIPE+and+CLAMPS+(2)+#6568.html
I am interested in it because it is 1/3 of the price of the other downpipes! I do not have $500 right now to drop on a downpipe but I also want a decent downpipe so would it be a waste of money to spend $185 on this one or wait and save more money for a higher priced downpipe.

I'm going to be the asshole adult here.

If you can't scratch together $500 for a proper downpipe, don't change anything. Just keep the car running properly with the stock equipment.
If if your not looking to go faster than say, low 12's or may be even high 11's
I'd say port your factory elbow and you'll be good to go.