Hoodliner Insulation vs Lizardskin- Underhood Ceramic Barrier Coating, Pics and Details Inside


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Dec 15, 2002
Hood Insulator or Heat Barrier Painted

You like the look of an insolator pad or your painted underhood?

You care enough about your underhood looks to spend double, $300 vs $600?

Lizardskin coating is a better heat insulator, this might be worth it for us fiberglass hood guys or new paint jobs to keep the hood nice for a long time. My 1st fiberglass hood cracked from the heat and possible other weather changes here in IL from running and then cooling off fast.

Here's the pictures and costs to do what I didn't get a chance to do, hopefully this saves you time and money to pick the one for you out the gate.

Example to save you from...
I got a new fiberglass hood, then it got painted. I didn't know anything about Lizardskin but now that I do, I would've done that FIRST, then painted the hood. This would've saved me a nice chunk of $$ and time.

The shop (Custom Classic in IL) did a good job of bringing Lizardskin up after I wasn't pumped about doing a hood insulator after seeing the nicely painted under hood.

IMO the hood insulator takes up so much space and the clean lines and structure of a painted underhood went to waste. But I also wanted a real heat barrier so after I saw Lizardskin is good to like 500 degrees, I was sold.

Here's pics of this hood insulator (I'll have for sale soon).

The other pictures are of Lizardskin on my GN fiberglass hood. It's textured and then painted car color.

Video of Lizardskin on a Foreman grill. LOL
Seems great for heat barriers, bad for burgers.

Hood insulator, $250ish after shipping and maybe 1 hour of labor to install if you have the clips and holes available.

Lizardskin, $600 to coat and then paint. Not really the same price comparison due to spraying paint on the underhood again but the cost is the cost.


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