GN Hoodliner Insulation 2022, Aftermarket or Custom?


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Dec 15, 2002
New Glasstek Fiberglass Hood going on now and it's clear the heat was a partial cause of my paint cracking on the old hood from 2006 (even though hot parts were always coated)

Hoodliners, insulation, I'm not seeing much and ebay is showing factory stuff all over the road price wise.

Is there an aftermarket or custom piece available?
If so who's making a quality reproduction?

Thanks, but it doesn't look like Mark offers one.

Just found this after searching, I'd probably add the stitching after.

Can also look at QuietRide. I patterned our GBody hood stuff for them back in 2016. They do have a AcoustiShield set up for our hoods, and an alternative “hood pad” design.

I also used their floor, body and trunk kit too. Pretty nice stuff and it was easy with their precision cut material than trimming it out all myself LOL