1986 Buick T-Type Project - Clayton, NC - $5500.00 SOLD!!!!!!!!!!!


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I have for sale my 1986 Buick Regal T-Type. I have had this car since 2010 & replaced, repaired, & modified most of the issues the car originally had wrong with it when I bought it. The car was originally found through Craigslist and found setting outside for around 8 years. I had always wanted a Grand National & this seemed to be the answer at the time. I originally got the car running and, on the road, and found out that every bushing in the car was worn out and there was more rust than I originally thought. My original intention was always to end up with a nice, rust free, better than original Factory 3.8 Turbo car. One thing led to another, and I started a frame up, garage restoration. The attached pictures are the current state the car is in and as far as I made it. I tell myself I saved the car from the impending doom it was on track for. Fast forward about four years, as my family kept growing, my priorities in life shifted to support my family and other interests. I have just lost interest in the car scene for now. Time & money have been the limiting factors in progressing this car along. It wasn't until the past six months that I got the car together to this point just for the main purpose of trying to sale it. I have always focused on attention to detail and completing everything that I have touched to the best of my ability. I'm not trying to say that this is a high end professional build, but a solid garage build. There are things of this project that are partially done and still many things to get done, but as these cars become harder to find and the work that has been done will be the foundation of my pricing. Currently I need to sell the car to continue to support my family with finances, but can't afford to give the car away. Unfortunately, I have at this point more in the car than I would like to admit. Currently, the car is in a drive around the yard state. Still trying to figure out how to get all the pictures in here, if I'm not successful, I can email additional pictures.

Year - 1986
Car - Buick Regal T-Type
Vin # 1G4GK4779GP447359
Engine - 3.8 SFI Turbo
Trans - 200r4 original
Rear - 8.5" 10 Bolt 3:42
Mileage - 126,007
Asking Price - $$5500.00 obo
Located near Raleigh, NC
RHS Rear View.jpg

Quick List of Modifications & Repairs
Frame & Body

Frame sandblasted, all factory welds and frame joints checked for fatigue, Frame prepped and painted with POR-15 products (Base POR-15 w/ POR-15
Chassis Black topcoat)
Energy Suspension Polyurethane Body Bushings
Moog Upper & Lower Ball joints
Moog Idler Arm
Moog Steering Center Link
Moog Inner & Outer Tie Rods
Powder coated front upper & lower control arms with Energy Suspension Bushings
Rear Upper and Lower Control arms boxed and painted. New Energy Suspension Bushings installed.
Eibach Sportline Lowering Springs
Brake System – Upgraded Vacuum Brake Conversion (New Booster & Master cylinder, Junkyard Brake Pedal-Painted), Front; The following was new - Rotors (Powder coated), Bearings, Calipers (Powder coated), & Pads: Rear; The following was new -Shoes, Hardware, & Drums (Powder coated): Front & Rear Stainless Braided Brake Lines (Russell)
Front Factory Spindles powder coated
Rear End – Factory 8.5” 10 bolt w/ 3:42 Positive Traction, Factory Cover Powder Coated. Clutches inspected good. Fresh Fluid w/ additive
Lower front frame braces (original to cutlass)
Under hood – Cowl to core support braces
Spohn Heavy Duty Tie Rod adjusters
New Sway bar end links & bushings with grease sway bar bushings
Factory front sway bar & rear sway bar cleaned and painted red
Cleaned & Painted original steering box
Everything in grey primer, was taken down to bare steel and one coat of epoxy primer.
Door jambs, rear & front window jambs, t-top, & trunk jambs had the original seam sealer scrapped out and new applied. All jambs were epoxy primed. Before front and rear window were installed, I scuffed the epoxy primer and applied two coats of rust-oleum semi-gloss paint.
No Bondo in body, doors, & fenders
New Front Window & Re-sealed original rear window. Completed by local glass company
New Soft-Seal Trunk Seal
Core Support and metal inner fender blasted and powder coated.
All T-Top Rust Removed and patched with new metal
Floor Pan Replaced with original used regal floorpan from lower firewall to rear seat. Replacement floor pan has bucket seat provisions
Underside of body from taillight panel to wiper cowl was cleaned and painted flat black
Wiper linkage sandblasted and painted
New Aftermarket Front/Rear Bumper Fillers
Stainless Gas Tank Straps
New Gas Tank Strap Rubber
3rd gen Camaro License Plate bracket – Stays down
Two Buick Regal Complete doors (GBodyParts)
New Upper & Lower Complete Door Hinges, Left & Right Side (GBodyParts)
New Striker Bolts
New Grand National Air Dam Deflectors (GBodyParts)
New Stainless T-Top Metal (GBodyParts)
New Clear Turn Signal Lens (GBodyParts)
Original Blue Front Bench Seat & Rear Seat (Good Condition)
Original Blue rear quarter door panels (Good Condition)
Original Blue Front Door Panels (Poor Condition)
Original T-Tops with storage bags (Good Condition)
Original Front & Rear Window trim in box (Good Condition). Will need refreshed. All trim was black. When I bought the car, the trim and bumpers were painted black. The pictures show a chrome rear bumper, but the original black bumper is available, the impact strip was beat up some, so I put the chrome bumper on for the pictures.
  • Engine
    • New Rod & Main Bearings, originals had slight wear. Decided to put new bearings when powder coating oil and new gasket. ASE master certified mechanic verified oil clearances.
    • Felpro Intake, Valve Covers, EGR Valve & Oil Pan Gaskets
    • RJC Intake Power Plate
    • 42# Injectors w/ Custom Street Tune for 93 octane 16-18psi (Turbo tweak)
    • Adjustable Aftermarket Wastegate Actuator
    • Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator
    • Racetronix Fuel Pump Hotwire Relay Kit
    • Racetronic 14gauge Injector Harness
    • Items that are Powder coated – Lower & Upper Intake, Oil Pan, Valve Covers, Pulleys, Alternator, Up Pipe, Turbo Compressor Housing, Fuel Rail, Coolant Pipes, Exhaust Manifolds
    • Refurbished Factory Headers w/ High Temp Powder Coat
    • Re-sealed Factory Turbo, Powder coated Compressor Housing
    • Ported Factory Turbo Elbow – Running Factory Downpipe w/ Aftermarket Replacement Converter & Factory Intercooler w/ upgrade clamps and silicone connectors
    • Pypes 2.5” dual stainless exhaust
    • New Coil Pack & Ignition Module
    • 1 pieces Stainless Mandrel Crossover Pipe
    • Stainless power steering pressure line (GBodyParts)
    • TR Custom Parts – Big Mouth 4” Cold Air Kit w/ factory MAF
    • 10.4mm Taylor Race Wires
    • Metco Push In Valve Cover Breather Kit
    • Billet Vacuum Block for vacuum brakes
    • 160 Degree Thermostat w/ stainless thermostat housing
    • Custom Finished Engine Wire Harness – Vintage Style Cloth Electrical Tape w/ Keep it Clean Ultra Wrap
    • New DW200 Fuel Pump – 255Lph
    • New Radiator from Rock Auto. Has oil and trans cooler
    • New Radiator Hoses and Clamps
    • Fresh Coolant
    • Fresh Brake Fluid
    • Fresh Power Steering Fluid
    • Fresh Engine Oil & Filter
    • New Serpentine Belt
    • New A/C Condenser, o-rings, & orifice. All A/C lines flushed before installing

  • Things I know the car NEEDS!!!
    • Body & Paint Work including body panel alignment. Initial door and fender alignment.
    • Possibly a hood? Original hood was not stripped of paint, shows evidence of bondo. Evidence of trying bend @ gas struct bracket area. Just trying to be upfront. The hood could be fine with some body work.
    • Carpet
    • Miscellaneous interior pieces. Such as t-top plastic on t-tops are cracked, upper dash speaker bezel panel. Rear speaker shelf piece between rear seat and rear window, door panels.
    • T-Top Weather stripping
    • Door weather stripping
    • Coolant Overflow Jug – Cracking in top corner
    • Catalytic Converter Exhaust Hanger
    • Shocks
    • The digital dash comes on for about thirty seconds, flickers, and goes out. I unplugged it to prevent any further damage. The dash worked when removed about five years but doesn’t work now. Talked with Caspers and they seem to think this is a common failure and can be repaired
    • Further Assembly of miscellaneous parts pre & post paint
  • Miscellaneous Items that comes with the car
    • Original, working when removed, Power Master unit w/ pedal & mounting bracket
  • Extra parts from a non-turbo regal. Parts are good shape and can be used as replacements or repair pieces. Some parts are the same
    • Wood grain dash cluster trim
    • LHS & RHS Tail Lights
    • Parking brake foot pedal w/ mounting bracket
    • Analog gauge cluster
    • 5 stainless Headlight Trim
    • 4 Headlight Buckets
    • License plate bracket
    • 4 Rear Speaker Brackets
    • Heater box with blower motor w/ behind dash duct work
    • Column shift steering column
    • Left & Right Bucket Seat Sliders
    • Upper & Lower Rear Quarter Door Panels
    • Wood grain heater/radio trim
    • Radio for parts – cassette inop, but works, good for parts
    • Driver & Passenger Door Windows
    • Regal Grille
    • Headlight Header Panel
  • Regal Frame 1.JPG
    Regal Frame 2.JPG
    Regal Frame 5.JPG
    Engine II.jpg
    Engine III.jpg


  • Inside Trunk II.jpg
    Inside Trunk II.jpg
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  • Inside Trunk.jpg
    Inside Trunk.jpg
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  • Rear View.jpg
    Rear View.jpg
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Price adjust to $6000 obo. Seriously contemplating separating the rolling chassis from the entire drive train. Anyone interested in a complete drive train/transmission/radiator/wiring/etc.? More details to follow.
Price adjust to $6000 obo. Seriously contemplating separating the rolling chassis from the entire drive train. Anyone interested in a complete drive train/transmission/radiator/wiring/etc.? More details to follow.
Damn with all the work already done it's like getting free labor with the car. If you were closer... I'd be in trouble lol
Car is still available. Price adjusted to a firm $5500. Car has to go. It is time to get the car out of the garage that is stored in, since it is not my garage. IM or call/text 919-299-6425. Please no calls or texts after 8:30p.m. est. Car is in Clayton, NC
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Weekly bump. Car is still for sale. Just installed a new fuel tank, due to the original tank developed a leak due to a pinhole.
Weekly bump. Car is still for sale. Just installed a new fuel tank, due to the original tank developed a leak due to a pinhole.

Hey Man,

Can’t believe you still have this car! If I didn’t have a trans being built for mine right now, I’d be all over it at that price! GLWS!

Also hope you and your family are safe as that storm looks very serious coming your way! This is an actual weather forecast that I screen shot to mess with my buddy about on it. And the storm itself is no joke!


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Thank you. I believe for the amount of labor and parts in the car, it should make a really nice foundation for someone.

Yeah, we're as ready as we can be. We'll see what this storm brings. The bad thing is we have already had on and off several days of rain, so put that together with substantial rainfall and major winds = a big mess.