1986 Buick T-Type Project - Clayton, NC - $5500.00 SOLD!!!!!!!!!!!

Yep, the port made it through with no problem, must be because if protected from wind on two sides by the house. Thanks for asking.
As of 10/19/18 - Just a couple of updates to original post of things I've done over the past two months...

1. Replaced the original fuel tank. Unfortunately, it had a pin hole up under the rubber isolator strap. Installed a new SPECTRA PREMIUM GM307C Fuel tank.
2. Installed New KYB Front & Rear Gas-A-Just Shocks.
3. As I continue to drive it around the yard and let idle weekly. The power steering pump is weeping from the backside. Ordered a replacement power steering pump. Hope to have this on within the next month.

My intentions are to try to get the car aligned within the next month, in order to actually get some road time on it (Likley just subdivision time, due to no tags). It has only seen idle time and around the yard drive time thus far.
Underneath Pics from a lift view


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11/23 Update - The power steering pump has been replaced. Had a professional alignment complete on 11/21 by one of the best shops around this area. Massey's alignment for the win! Put a couple of miles on it through out the subdivision as well, drives great and really miss driving it around. Definitely will adjust the price soon to reflect the shocks, alignment, power steering work and the addition of having the car in a driveable state. Going to be loading the car up this week to take to Farmington Dragway this upcoming weekend. They have drag racing and a swap meet that I'll be advertising the car there.
Just an update, when the car sales I will update the ad to indicate that the car is sold. Car is still available.
Current price is $5500.00. I know that I'll never recover the amount of money put into the car, however I believe that $5500 is good bargain based on all the new parts installed and just the labor, even if the buyer uses it for parts.
Would possibly entertain trades of equal value for the following:
- 73-91 Chevrolet K5
- 94-98 12V Cummins Swap Donor Vehicle
- Honda Odyssey Mini Van
Just an update, car is still available. I have found out the car has some "interesting" history on the carfax/ There are no reported accidents. It has been reported stolen twice in its life, close to 20 years ago. Don't really know anything other that what the carfax says. Can provide a copy of the carfax to anyone that cares. Car has a clear, clean NC title. Nothing noted on the title though.
TurboBuick Price is @ $5000. This is the last price reduction. This is a firm price.
*Just to be clear, this car has "0" Zero RUST. All original rust was cut out and replaced.
*In case you ask or are thinking about asking about the RPO Sticker...Unfortunately, I do not have the RPO sticker in the trunk. I have never seen it. Apparently, when the car was repainted some years ago, the sticker was removed.
*In case you are wondering about the price, No, I will not take $2200, $3000, $3300, or $3500 for the car.
*Car updates - Replaced the S-Hose from water pump to intake with a Gbodyparts Silicone Hose. I was not happy with replacement hose that was on the car, didn't fit properly or as good as I thought it should.
*Replaced the coolant fan switch with a new piece. Put some more miles on the car in the subdivision and found out the fan was staying on.
Free bump. That is a great price. People pay more than that for just a decent condition motor for these cars. I don't know why it hasn't sold yet but I wish you luck offloading it as quickly as possible. This is a steal for that price with all of the work that has already gone into it. I hate to say this but at that price it would be wise to buy it, finish the work, and flip it for a decent profit. If I had time I definitely would. Good luck with the sale.
My friend has called you and texted you about the Buick but recieved no response! He is really interested in it! I can PM you his name/number,
White (mostly), Split Bench Seat, Column Shifter, Crank Window, Blue Interior car....... Uncommon for sure. Almost identical to mine.... :cool:



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