87 GN Stage 2 street Car -project


May 26, 2001
Conley's built this car in the early 2000's. Previous owner passed away a couple years ago. Car was in storage for 8 years. Got it not running so i never drove it.Has stock ecm and sensors.Ive had it since last year . Really would like to build it but, my 3800 car and my we4 has been taking my time. Chris Conley remembers the car. Car will fire but has low compression on one bank and really should be gone through.Runs rough. Great oil pressure. Smokes pretty good when trying to run. Lots of great things about car. Battery in trunk electric cut off through rear bumper. TX car its entire life. Car is Very solid. 92,000 original miles. Clean Blue texas Title-NO bs
Car is complete,Engine complete
This is a Street car. The AC was removed also thow.

00012 block -bore unknown
BMS crank-stroke unknown
Carillo rods
Ross pistons
BMS aluminum Heads
ATR stage 2 headers(forward facing)-Chris identified them
ATR ex waist gate
90 mm acufab TB
Precision 90 going into the stage 2 intake
BMS Valve covers
Conley deep pan
T&D 1.55 rockers
* complete stage 2 motor*****
Precision front mount
Turbo -old school -not sure what size.
underdrive crank pulley
oil filter relocate kit

New battery
5 point belt harness

Brand new fuel system: aeromotive 1000 pump and regulator
complete new -8 an braided return and supply from fuel cell in trunk
New fuel injectors-there are New siemens 80's.

Transmission is the BRF was rebuilt by Conley's and updated with what was available at the time-3400 stall

Rear end has aftermarket axles and was told has a spool.
Boxed control arms, stock drive shaft with safety loop.

Brand new tires front and back
Nitto's 555 on back

Frame is notched for the rear tires and looks good.
Has a very nice roll bar with swing out bar. 6 point.

Interior is in good shape has the AVC Dash-GNX style with VDO gauges. console not cracked, has cheesy mega shifter.

Car has ATR fiberglass hood and both bumpers. Much better quality than danko.

Has stock brakes and cooling system.

Bad . needs the normal stuff, cleaned up-weather strip
Car needs paint ,door panels , prob some carpet,
has one half quarter rust spot under drivers side floor pan-easy fix- has alittle spot of mud in pass side fender.
Has a custom exhaust -DP should be remade but still ran high 10's 11 flat.
Very solid TX car.
engine freshened up.

Selling as a project because of the work it needs. Being as honest as possible on car. Car needs love. Would make someone a fantastic stg2 street car!! car has old time slips with the car runnimg 11 flat. How many 87 GN's with stge 2 have you seen for sale... not many. if I dont sell eventually ill build it.
Id like $11k prob worth that in parts. will be listing on ebay also
Houston TX

lots of pics
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Does the engine block have 4 bolt mains and an external oil pick-up??
The 012 block number is the same for Stage1 or Stage2 blocks, Stage 1 blocks have the stock style internal oil pick-up tube and 2 bolt mains.
I was told it was a stage 2 block by the list the last owner had when built. Does have a stock type oiling it looks like. Doesnt have a pad for the turbo drain but has a plug there but its small. Might pull the pan soon. Also has all 14 head bolts.
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I'm pulling the pan this weekend. Even if it's a stage 1 , it's still a great block and engine. The reserve is 11.5 on eBay right now. So I'm offering it here also for that price.thanks
One last time, Just don't have the time for 3 cars. 11.5k$
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One last time, Just don't have the time for 3 cars. 11k$

Did you get a chance to pull the pan and check the main caps? If you had access to a P&G gauge you could find out the stroke and probably the bore pretty easily and you wouldn't have to tear down the engine any. If there are any dirt track guys around your area they might would P&G it for a few bucks and that would take a lot of the mystery out of the motor.