Fiberglass Trunk, Custom Bracing Brackets Inside


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Dec 15, 2002
If you're going fiberglass trunk and drive it more than I do (not hard to beat my 32k miles in 26 years) you might wanna consider this mod.

My original fiberglass trunk from Glasstek was a PIA to mount securley and it kept ripping through the mounting holes then lifting up and making the body line to the quarter look off. A nice body shop around 2007 etc made an inner bracing bracket but after say 5k miles it got a bump in the top visible panel area from the flexing still. I'm sure the torsion arm pushed up against it and was told this too by the current body shop.

Here's my new fiberglass trunk lid with bracing so the torque won't flex and rip the bolts through them anymore.

Shop wasn't interested in making more but here's an idea if you go this route. Move the load across a huge area and create a long bracket.

I painted the under side so it blends in great but if you sprayed yours black it would be great too.


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Good info
A street guy wants that weight right where it is😉
It's called good weight