1968 Dodge Dart GTS 340


The end is fear
May 20, 2002


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Thanks, guys. The engine is beautifully detailed, painted and polished as well. And the torque this thing has is amazing for a small block.....

There's over $27k in receipts, not counting the cost of the car....
dammmm...nice car !!! not a Mopar fan but nice quality car :cool: Here is a little push for ya :biggrin:
A Beauty!

Dammm.. What a beauty..brings back memories

I had a 68 GT that was brought down hard by a Semi trailer on Rt 95 in Conn (1979).. Know one who saw the car could believe my brother (driver) survived the crash! The car ended up 1/2 of it's original length. I wanted to kill him personally after that!:mad:
Will be going back to ebay soon. Let me know if seriously interested. Will consider trades, but only on very low mileage original type GNs or TTAs or other muscle cars in similar condition. No bikes, boats or buckets of bolts. :D