1971 Chevelle f/s big block 12 bolt bucket seats disc brakes street or strip

Nice chevy..

Very nice ride, with time after you get that GN or T-type turbo you'll find that the torque of a boosted V6 will prove to show you that the torque of the V6 gets these cars off the line much better than you may think, you'll be very pleased i'm sure. Hell a stock GN with a few cheap mods can run right with or better than your big block and with DR's 60ft better too, your going to be in for a nice surprise that these little V6's can deliver, especially with high octane and a tune to match.

I'm west coast and that Chevy would be nice to check out.

Good luck, you'll find 12's are simple and relatively cheap for a GN, yet faster will begin to cost you as will any car, that's somewhat dependable.

Very nice Old school big block car though.