1978-1980? Turbo Hood


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Apr 20, 2009
Hello all, I'm building a Turbo Wagon and want a turbo hood for it. It's a 1983 Regal Estate wagon. I believe a 1978-1980 hood will work because the 83wagon seems to have a century front clip on it (w/quad headlights). Any info and a hood will help. I found one near chicago, a little to far for me! My zip is 08012.
Thanks, Jeff...........
I have a couple here. I don't know if they are a fit for an '83 wagon, though. Measure the front of the hood, from the front outer edge in to the first body line crease (at the inside of the headlights) For the coupes, 78-80 is different than 81-87. Let me know if it's 11" (78-80) or 12 1/2" (81-87)
Thanks, John
The hood measures 11" from the edge to the crease. I also need fillers for the front and outer rears .
I would have 4 hoods here to choose from (2 on cars and 2 off). All are in fair to good condition, solid, with minimal or no dents. All would need repainting. $75 - $100 picked up.
I am in Bethlehem off Rt. 78. You could stop out almost anytime, as long as I know in advance (the day before??) when you will be here. John
I can be there tommorrow (weds) if that works. Let me know the time, after morning rush hour.