1978 Thru 1980 Regal "A" & "G" Car Parts for Sale ...

1980 Buick

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Aug 17, 2009
Back in the day I loved (and still do) the early Buick Regal "A" cars. THAT SAID: over the years, I have accumulated a vast inventory of parts for these years ... and, some interchangeable parts for our beloved "G" cars. This would Include: Steering Column's, Sport Wheels, Instrument Panel Clusters, Chrome Moldings ("try an find those these days") ... badges, trim parts, Hoods, Bumper Fillers, Dash Panels, Horns, and some Interior Trim, along with so-much more ...

I haven't any sheet metal (body parts etc) except bumpers. Anyway: dart off a message / contact me with a possible "want", and I'll see if I have it.