1979 turbo oil return hose need help

79turbo lesabre

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hi everybody ! can anybody help me with either a gm part number or who makes / sells the really short but fat oil return drain hose that connects from the bottom of my turbo and goes into the intake it looks like. this is on a 1979 lesabre sport coupe ( rear wheel drive ) mine is leaking & looks like a piece of heater hose was used and its not the best looking install. i want to be prepared with a new & better hose for it before i take it all apart real soon. not enough room for braided hose w an fittings ..... its pretty short looking and i think the original one might have been moulded ?

please help me ! & i thank you for your help , steve rieckhoff
$25 shipped. I have them. It's not a hose. It' should be a metal pipe with a flange
There's a grommet in the manifold. What I have is the steel pipe that bolts to the turbo
  • Oil drain lines differ by year, but should all interchange since drain hole is in same location on all intake manifolds.
  • 1978/79 used a rigid drain line that rested into the "hose" fitting. In 1980/83, Buick went to a flexible drain line that fit into a traditional grommet (like a PCV grommet, but bigger). If you can't locate the hose fitting, you might be able to find the flex drain line and grommet at a turbo shop. It's an improved design that should work better (easier installation). Here the GM part numbers:
    1978/79 Drain line (connector) - 1260602
    1978/79 Drain hose - 1260599
    1980/83 Drain line - 25504159
    1980/83 Drain grommet - 25504235