1980 Regal w/350 FS/FT For GN


Darth Vader
Clean and daily driven.
Rebuilt chev 350 motor with turbo 350 trans.
nothing modified pretty stock 350 mild cam installed heads are stock.
dual exhaust flowpro muffs
flowtech headers
K&N air filter
re-tinted all 5 windows in july.
new carpet
fully loaded power sunroof locks, windows, installed viper alarm and keyless entry too.
just put in a new alternator and starter
edelbrock thunder series carb
edelbrock air filter
edlbrock valve covers
new distributer and spark plugs as well as wiring
grant wood grain wheel with buick emblem
energy front speakers and pioneers in rear
wired for subs 4 gauge stinger sits with two 10" MTX subs but planning on taking them leaving just the wiring for subs.
trunk is dynamat'd with dynamat xtreme

take a look runs great, just not fast enough want a t-type or a GN. if i cant find one or no ones interested ill end up redoing the engine again putting a blower on heads cam etc..

let me know what you think.


located way up in alberta canada. could be a problem for some. just wanted to put this out there. more pics available upon request.

Despite being up in canada frame is in perfect shape no rust at all.
only rust is located in the inner doors which is nothing to remove will put up pics soon. also bumper has a rust hole. not that big a deal. covered with a sticker right now.

The bad: long crack in windshield, bumper has a rust hole. thats it. not bad for being 29 years old.






let me know what you think.

I think it's a nice looking car, though I know you'll catch some flack for having a bowtie drivetrain in it. I see it has an a/c delete box which is cool. But the good thing is you can achieve 400 + hp from that 350 with a good set of heads and a matching high lift cam, just don't go too wild with it.
yeah i know a buick should be powered by a buick ahaha, but still parts for sbc's are a dime a dozen. way to many aftermarket parts to not put it in. the easiest for me anyways. i made another post in the turbo lounge about whether to keep this baby and redo interior and rebuild a more powerful motor, or to just search for a clean t-type or gn and start there. any insight appreciated.