1980 TTA Indy Pace car


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May 24, 2001
I called about a 80 turbo Trans Am today. They said that it was a Indy Pace car with a 6.5L turbo engine. Does any one know anything about this cars? Cars 4 sale for $2995.
The turbos only came with the 4.9 litre pontiac 301, someone probably put an oldsmobile 403 or a Pontiac 400 and both are 6.6 litre. That devalues the car because it is not a turbo anymore. I thought when you said $2999.00 that it was too low of a price. You can buy the car for that price and I have located a running 301 turbo that is in Kennedale, Tx that you can purchase to put back original. I have seen the original turbo cars go for some good money. If you like the car, I would offer them less money and see if they take it. Good luck.
There are four Turbo Firebirds on eBay right now.

What's the difference between a '80 Indy Pace Car and a '81 Nascar Pacer?
The 81 NASCAR pace car is much rarer and much more valuable than an 80 Indy pace car. It also has red Recaro seats and red dash lighting.

Everything written here is on the spot. Nascar TA is more valuable. 301 Turbo is the only Turbo in the 80\81 Birds. I might add that they are pretty slow and they, especially the 80's, can have cooling problems when driven hard. Also, you can't build them up because the heads have limited flow potenial. No one is making aftermarkets for the 301's. Still a very neat car. Have owned and driven many. They are hard to beat for the fun factor! Like a Turbo Regal, you will enjoy the heck out of it. You will just be bummed anytime anyone wants to race. Even if they are in a Saturn!!!:)
There is a guy whos website I visited who has a Turbo T/A like mine and he has a few minor mods and is running 14s in the quarter and that is really not too shabby for a carbed turbo form the early 80s. If you find the right combo, you can make these cars fly with minimal effort. I have other cars if I want to go fast, I just enjoy cruising with the T-Tops off and turning a few heads.
I haven't taken my 81 to the strip yet but, just by opening up the hoodscoop, putting a smaller lid on my stock aircleaner so that it gets the air coming in through the scoop as well as quickening the opening on my secondaries and bumping the timing to 16 deg initial, I have completely transformed the nature of my car. It now squeals the tires pretty good on the 1 - 2 shift, it doesn't even have a shift kit in it, and it seems to pull comparably hard to my 95 6 spd Z-28. I need to put a boost retard in it before I go to the strip though so I can up the boost a bit. I have my ESC disconnected right now because it was pulling the timing back all the time and with 94 octane I'm experiencing minor detonation at the top of first gear so I've been backing out of the throttle and short shifting it. It doesn't seem to detonate first thing in the morning though - I wonder if the cool moist air is helping it?
I remember years ago Nunzi Automotive out of NY. made go fast parts for this car as well as all Pontiacs, Haven't heard from these guys since:confused:
Every anniversary and Pace Car (or both) Firebird that came out were bueatiful cars. the 10th, 15 th my favorite,20-TTA,25and 30th are the coolest F-body's ever :cool:
I think the best bet for this engine is to go for torque not horespower. It's kind of like a TPI Chevy, if you try putting a big cam in it and revving it you're going to be disappointed but, if you use the right parts and build it for torque the results are pretty good.