1981 Buick stuff


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Hi Rich,

Been a TB member since the beginning, but I just noticed your Before Black page. I found it interesting because before my TR's, I had a 1981 3.8L Century. My family also had an '83 4.1L LeSabre. Both were sold in the eraly 90s.

I happened across some stuff in my files which may be of interest. I have a 1981 Buick chassis manual which covers all the models, 1981 maintenance schedule, consumer info guide (stopping distances, tire sizes..), Century options lists, build sheet & original sticker for my car. I'd be happy to scan stuff for your site.

Looking at the sticker makes me wonder where the car is today. It couldn't have gotten too far- it was a pretty slow car! :D Anybody got Car Fax?

One other thing I remember- I've heard that Buick pulled random engines off the line to test for quality control and these engines were painted blue.... No idea if this is true, but my Century had a blue engine in it, while the LeSabre's was black.

Mike [:)
Buick's were blue or red, Chevies were orange, Oldsmobiles were gold, and Pontiacs kind of an aqua. Then GM started interchanging motors between the car lines and some people didn't like it. It was easy to tell because of the color what brand of motor was under the hood.

Then they all went black.

I think I already have much of that stuff. The problem is that scan of window stickers and such need to be BIG enough to read and then they eat up a lot of server space (hence TB.com not hosting images anymore). The build sheet would be interesting, but even better would be a way to decode it. Thanks for the offer however!

It couldn't have gotten too far- it was a pretty slow car!
LOL! Kinda like when a pet turtle escapes. It can't run too far. :)

I have a TSB that states that all engines would be black for '83. Most '82 GN/SC owners claim there engines are black as well, but I have an early production '82 Turbo V6 block that is silver. The Buick brochures show blue in '79.
Hi Guys!

My '81 Regal engine is stock GM blue. Now that the machining is done, I'd like to put the O.E.M. color back on. Does anyone know the GM code number?

( We also have an '84 and the entire engine is black. At the machine shop I saw another black 3.8. Easier to paint I guess...).