1981 Limited-roller or for parts...


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Jul 4, 2006
If you want the whole car-$900 takes it. It's white w/tan interior.
The bad: no motor, no tranny, pin holes (rust) in only the rear seat area, broken moonroof glass, cracked windshield, bad bumper fillers.
The good: has pw, pl, dual remote mirrors, power 60/40 seat, optional gauge package in dash, 100% rust free fenders, doors, body, frame (only the rear floor under back seats have rust). And, I have a spare sunroof assembly (COMPLETE) to go with car and two front bumper fillers OEM..

Or, if nobody wants the whole car, parts are as follows:
$75 each fender
$250 each door
$75 for gauge cluster
$100 for spare moonroof assembly
$50 for each front bumper filler (they are nice!)

and let me know what else you might want.