1982 Buick Regal Sport Coupe

Kevin Kitchen

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Sep 27, 2012
Base car for the all american muscle car, The Grand National. Car has been in the process of restoration, and due to this great economy, Obama forces sale. I do not have to sell this car, but could use the extra money. I have lots invested with this car, and will not entertain offers under 4000. This car is the rarest of the regals. Not the origional drivetrain. Research shows that the origional engines in these cars were garbage. Its powered by a 305h/o chevy. I have plenty of pics via text. 207-337-8184


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Looks like a grand national. Is it, or is it just painted that way?

Btw, probably not gonna get too far on this board by calling a Buick V6 garbage since 99% of our cars here are powered by one.

Either way, good luck with your sale.
As a proud owner of a N.A 4.1 original 1982 GN, I take a little umbrage at that.
The Buick V6 is legendary in it's reliability, durability, and with a little help - it's output - N.A or Turbo'd

Why not put a Ford 5.0 engine in it, since I'm sure there are some who think those Chevy 305s were garbage? :D

I'm sure the B4B guys can offer an opinion, but it does look like a 1982 GN.
But I also know the SCs were painted in that 2-tone.
Now - if it is / was a 1982 GN w/ Turbo (SC) - it is the rarest of rare - not now, though, since it has that awesome Chevy 305 in it.
Now it's either just another Regal with a transplanted Chevy engine, or would require some bigger money to resto it, and probably never reach it's value potential since it might be impossible to do a numbers matching resto.
The top end of the decently restored, 1982 GN N.A market seems to be in the 10K range - for now.
Maybe not a car like Tommy Riggs's 82 GN, but most. Seems it's tough to get much more money for them at the moment.
So, at 4K firm - to install a new / rebuilt 4.1 + THM350 (assuming) ; those numbers wouldn't work.

Since there are so few of the SC / GNs (what? Less than 30 remaining?) - I'm not sure what they bring - but probably a good bit more.
But getting all the 3.8 SC parts and resto'ing it would be a real challenge.
Unlesss Kevin has the old engine.

The pic is kind of fuzzy, but it looks like it has a hood bulge.
The ad says SC, then the text goes on to say GN.

I know the mods hate for us to hijack, opine, or gunk up the "For Sale" posts - so if I'm outta line - I'll apologize in advance - and take my medicine.
But as they say - there is no such thing as bad publicity.
Research shows that the origional engines in these cars were garbage......WTF!!! Before insulting anything or anyone you should make sure to spell correctly. The "garbage" engines you are referring to is what made the Buick Turbo, T-type, Turbo-T, GN and GNX a legendary piece of American Muscle. Only someone who's completely uneducated would make the mistake of replacing the original 3.8L with a low power/torque Chevy 305.
Hmm. Someone set this young man straight. What research did he do? And he will not entertain offers under 4000. Why so angry? You can always sell your car somewhere else.
I echo everything that has been said here. I would say the 305 has killed any value the car had. It's worth more without an engine! The only garbage I see IS the 305
I like how blaming the president is forcing the sale, LOL! That's about as used up as the divorce excuse