PROJECT back to high school 80 Sport Coupe clone

If you've been watching my Turbo 79 Century videos, a rusted away vin tag caused it to not be buildable. I'm NOT selling any parts off the Century in case I find another body in the future. I decided to find a 78-80 Regal to use the turbo V6 from the Century. So it will be a Sport Coupe clone. Now, to the new project. My very first car was a 1979 Regal Limited so I'm painting/building it KINDA like my high school car. I found this 1980 Limited non turbo back half and ended up negotiating it to $150 delivered. I saved it from being crushed so that's really cool too. I need a better fuel mileage vehicle for my work commute so going to throw it together for now. I'm not the guy to go buy one for $1500. I simply do not have that much money at once. A few hundred here and there works best for me. I like building from junk and spare parts. I can promise you when I do restore the car in a couple years, it will be very nicely done. So I'm going to call this first go around rolling/driving mock up.

Your sending unit should have three lines not two for the Draw Through engine. The mechanical fuel pump has a return line. I am not sure if you really need it through. You can have my old one if you want it.