1983 Turbo/Carb owners...check this out!

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Very cool Freddie, so that's the project carb that you have reffering to.
When I get my bugs work out I know want I'll be doing the that spare carb now :D
Hi Ricky!

Sorry I did'nt give you any credit. Now I will:

Everybody....this carb originally came off of 83T's 1983
'T' Turbo. :D (Although it did get one hell of a facelift :eek: )!

I did'nt take any pictures before it got like the pics. I think it might off once caught fire. It originally had what looked like fire extinquisher residue. Either that or it was just real dirty. Also, the secoundary airhorn plate was binding against the airhorn. Apparently someone was tinkering around with it and unknowingly did'nt realize that this would prevent the secoundaries from opening. It was missing the secoundary vacuum break diapragm and the idle speed control motor. These are easily found in any boneyard.

It originally came with 'CP rods and an 'O' hanger. Currently, it's got a 'G' hanger and 'DG' rods installed. I also have an 'F' hanger and 'CK' Edelbrock rods that I'm going to try someday. I'm just having fun with it now. But the 1982 4.1 Q-jet I removed will be next project for my inventory of refurbished and modified OEM Buick equiptment. ;)
Nice to see the carb looking "human". Happy it worked out so well for ya, it looks great :)
Oh yeah,

I have'nt forgotten you Jim, (Ttype83).

The default voltage for this 1983 Turbo carb is:

1.20v-curb idle/1.45v-fast idle.

I did'nt even bother to open up the adjustment slot on it. This is because adjustment would only be nessacary under dire circumstances or I wanted to keep tweaking it. I am comfortable with this voltage since the '81 Turbo Q-jets were set at 1.05v-curb idle/1.30v-fast idle. (Not too far off).

This carbs# is 17083244 and underneath it has 2512 HDP. I am curious to find out what that means. Perhaps Rich can find out for us.

And again....many thanks Ricky, (83T)................:D
Nice work Freddie.
Was that finish under all the crud, or have you had it refinished ?
:cool: web site too.
Thanks for not forgetting me Freddie, I forgot I asked the ? .
Cool paint job, I was wondering how you got it looking so good it.