1984 Grand National (87 Intercooled Conversion) - Project car


1/4 Mile Freak
Aug 14, 2005
I've had this car for about 10 years. It had the 84 (hot air) set up originally which the 84 and 85 GNs came with, but it started blowing smoke really bad, so I switched it out for the 87 intercooled setup. It was basically going back to stock since not much switched over from the 84 setup. It is a very good car that needs someone that has the time and money to bring it back to what it should be. For the details, It's body is in good shape. There are a couple small spots that are showing rust that really need attention soon just so it doesn't get any worse. The door hinges for the drivers door are shot, but I have a brand new set, just never put them on. The interior looks like hell, but it is better condition that what the pictures make it out to be. The wiring for the door locks and window motors are hanging out because I never put the door panels on due to the door hinges. The front seats have a few small tears, but noting major. The last time I looked at the rear seats a few years ago, they still looked like they were brand new, which I'm fairly certain they still do since the door panes have just been sitting on them. I put new original headliner material on the roof about 8 years ago, but it is sagging already(just needs to be reglued.) There is either a rear main seal leak, or a torque converter seal leak from the engine swap because it starts smoking a little after it gets warmed up from something dripping on the crossover pipe that goes to the turbo. The turbo bearings were perfect when I put the engine in about 4 years ago, which I haven't driven the car, so they're still the same. I took the cat off because of the hanger rotting(just needs a test pipe put in.) The shifter cable needs to be replaced, as well as the rear end probably needing worked on(by the way it has the RARE posi differential that people look for on these cars.) I did put brand new tires on it earlier this year. I put an adjustable fuel pressure regulator on it, as well as an adjustable waste gate for the turbo. I have new original old stock hood emblems for it that will go with it, as well as the original grill(although I think the 87 grille looks a lot cooler.) It does have a 340 walbro in tank fuel pump. There is also a scan master 2.0 that will go with the car as well. I also believe this to be a really low mile GN. When I got it, the odometer had just over 40k miles. I was able to track down the original owner, and he said that's probably about right because from what he heard, the second owner didn't drive it much(which makes sense because the turbo was busted when I got it.) I had to switch the gauges out when I got it because one of them wasn't working right(can't remember which,) so this is basically unverifiable at this point. Something the original owner did tell me that was very interesting was that this was one of the first 50 shipped out to dealers. This is a very good, solid car to build up, or make a winter project. I'm asking $5000. Let me know if you're interested, or if you think this price is in line/not in line. I'm located in Pendleton, IN.


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