1984 WH1 39k FAIR COND $$$2500$$$


Sep 28, 2005
Ok i just bought this car.

the car runs and drives and stops as of right now.
this is going to be long so settle in

hard top, power locks on the doors, man windows, p trunk release everthing works in the car AC is disconnected compressor and lines are missing. everything else is there. INTERIOR this car has the bucket seats with the leather inserts. the DS seat has a torn spot in the left hand side bottom seat edge. the leather inserts is close to mint condition no rips tears discoloration ect ect, the door panals and carpet are in really good shape they do need a real good cleaning the PS seat is near mint condition no rips tears punctures anything over there. same with the rear seat near mint. the whole interior needs a good steam cleaning and waxin' there is one small crack in the dash top plastic peice. the rest of the dash is in super nice shape. has leather "T" wheel with a cracked surround. console needs cleaned to look its best the console is fully functional the door is nice and solid. BODY: Doors are junk the bottoms are in sad shape you could probably save the DS door the Pass side has some good rot at the bottom.. the doors do shut like new. the floors are super solid there is some skale and rust on the driverside.. it is still solid but will need some attention the rest of the under side is super clean. the rear quarters are super solid no rot some surface rust in a couple spots at the pinch weld. sand prime and paint. the front clip is very nice and solid also.. no dents in the hood emblems are MIA. Rear Decklid is JUNK not saveable rusted at the lip the spoiler is on the decklid and need only sand prime and paint this car is not missing any pieces. bumper front and rear will clean up and shine like new. OK yall know what the car came with from the factory so im not going into detail. i dont know alot about the engine it runs fairly well and it does build boost, it surges at idle and still runs alittle ruff. whe the car gets to op temp there is a rattle in the motor its not a bearing it actually sounds like something is loose and rattling maybe t chain? i reallydont know.. there is a 3" DP on the car no exhaust i had to remove it and it was kinda crappy anyway. trans shifts reall nice and is working good. 342 gears no posi. there is a trans cooler and a KN filer the rest of the car looks bone stock. this car also has the rear seat braces in it. elect fan cools the car real quick hooked up for a man switch. boost and water gauges. i havent seen to many turbo cars with this option. this car is in fair condition KBB books a 85 t type our at 5300$ trade in with 139k on it WOW! as far as the mileage i really dont think its over 39k but it could be the brake pedal is not worn alot and the doors shut and everything works like it should. but i might be 139k but i doubt it.. the wheel in the pic dont come with the car youll get the T type wheels one is missing a center cap. there are new springs in the back with coil over shocks. rear brakes need adjustment and i cant get them to bleed proberly the fronts work ok. this car has sat for at least 4 years out side in the elements (hence the conditon).

car is in lansing michigan in my garage i have some pics and will be taking more when the weather breaks up here. clear and clean title. i have stock rear springs, another set of headers and front spindles for this car along with another grill. the car needs a paint job.. to do the car right you need new doors,decklid, clean and shine the interior, get the brakes perfect,and a BC/CC paint job. id like to see it saved its worth alot of money done.
thanks for taking the time to read this
email williaka@iserv.net
or call 517-202-3971
or PM.
if anyone is interested you had better speak up now. i getting readay to start tearing things down and refurbishing process..

when i get done it will still be a good buy but it wont be 2500 SAMOLEEEANSS
i almost bought this same car off ebay a couple of weeks ago but could't arrange transport.If i remember the closeing bid was around $655.Good luck with sale.
thanks ive put i good amount of work into it since ive had it the closing bid was just under 800 bucks and it cost me 250 to pick it up.