1985 3.8 GN Supercharger possibilities


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Dec 15, 2023
Has anyone swapped out the 1985 GN turbo for a supercharger. We are racing a TR7 w/ 3.8 in 24 hours of Lemons now, and have a GN engine we plan to put in. We like to take turbo off and put a supercharger in.
Blower is new 500 for the intake and blower located near Detroit Mi


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That’s for a 3800 series 2. NOT the same as a GN engine. As far as I know there’s not a blower manifold for the 109. If there is it’s custom. Your best bet would be to get a centrifugal supercharger kit for a 350 Buick v8. The accessories and bolt patterns are the same on these and the v8’s.
We'll definately look into that. What about possibly a freestanding supercharger that we pipe directly to existing turbo manifold?