1986 GN RPO code ?


I need to know if the RPO code from 1986 GN are the same than a 87 GN

I need those code you ''try'' to achieve one. I never had one in my car.
I got the link to the RPO at gnttype.org and want to order from Russ.

Also need production date (were I can find it?? if I got absolutly no stickers left, and weight of a 86 canadian GN....

Any help would be appreciated.
Codes are more or less the same. The build date can be found on the cowl tag. Here's a pic of the tag from and 84 GN. In the upper left corner is the build date. In our example E 02A means 84 first week of Febuary.
E=Model Year F=1985,G=1986,H=1987
02=Month 12 months in a year
A=Week B=2nd,C=3rd,D=4th,E=5th

A Canadian GN weighs the same as an US GN. Now the 86 GN weighs less than an 87 GN so pick your weight from an equalavent model.
Forgot the pic


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Alright I got my Fabrication date: 1986 2 week of june. :D Summer time!

Now for the weight: I found these weight via internet: pounds: 3,250-3,545 what is closer to the GN??
You want GVWR for the door label. Here's one from a GNX that should give you an idea how it should read.


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Does any 86 GN owner could post a pic of the GVWR (GNX beeing heavier) and the RPO in the trunk.

I need to verify the different weights on the GVWR and the RPO code placement/difference from the one from Russ.

We want the closest as possible.

In order to make sure you get the correct stickers made, we have to determine if your '86 was originally a car for export sales to Canada or was it originally a car sold in the US that is now in Canada. The stickers are different.

1. Is the factory speedometer still in place? Do the larger numbers represent kilometers per hour (car originally sold in Canada) or miles per hour (car originally sold in US)?

2. If you do not have the factory speedometer, check the emissions label on the heater core. Big black sticker on top of the heater core where the A/C lines go to or look on Russ's site for an example. At the bottom of that sticker is the text "THIS VEHICLE CONFORMS TO US EPA REGULATIONS APPLICABLE TO 1987 MODEL YEAR NEW PASSENGER CARS". This is for an '87 car that was originally sold in the US. A car that was originally sold in Canada will have some reference about compliance with the Canadian equivalent to the US EPA. And that wording may be in French.

If you are sure that your car was originally sold in Canada, then your trunk SPID label would look like this....Notice the wording at the bottom is in French. This '86 GN was also a car for export sales to Canada and made the second week of June.

You are lucky that the car was made in June. This is the time frame that the SPID labels no longer had the clear adhesive tape covering the sticker. Also, June '86 is when the sequential build # for the car appeared on the SPID label. 179293 was the build # for this '86 GN.

If you want, PM me the last six digits of your VIN and I'll look up in my records what an appropriate build # would be for your car. I don't know that anyone would be able to tell you that # is wrong. Records were not kept. But I have a few '86 GN records made in the second week of June that I could lookup. But I digress...

Let's make sure you car is actually a Canadian car first and go from there.


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Yes my car its a Canadian GN,
Original Speedo in KM,
I got the list of all the previous onwner.

The GN was bought new in Bramala, Ontario and first registered 86/07/07. So about a month after built date.

My car was pretty close with the #149287 :eek:

I will also call GM to get there any documentation they still may have.

I'll PM you the VIN#
Nick, replied to your PM. Your GN was made between June 12 and June 14. Sent you data for three GNs built during this time frame to complete your records.

I'll post a few SPID labels for US sold GN's that are close to your VIN so that you can compare codes. By referencing these three SPID labels and the Canadian one I posted with the RPO code listing in the above post, you should be in good shape at getting all the codes together for your sticker.

Russ is a great guy to work with. You will be very pleased with the results. Feel free to email him a copy of the pic for the Canada SPID label.

GM Canada will have the most complete records for your car. GM Media Archives has only limited information on cars for export sales to Canada.

Hopefully someone with an '86 GN will post a pic of the two door stickers for comparison to the one that Eric posted earlier of GNX 359's door sticker.

I will try to track down another Canada car to see if the door sticker is the same as the US one. I'll post my findings.


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An '86 GN hardtop would be around 3400 lbs empty (not the GVWR)

Many car magazines said around 3200lbs in 1986, but my 2 '86's are 150-200lbs heavier than this (even my low option T-type)

I will have some exacting details for the doors stickers soon. It is the same '86 GN hardtop from Canada that I posted the SPID label from in an earlier post. I have some of the info that was relayed to me over the phone. I am not in the same location as the car.

the door sticker for '86 is different in many ways from an '87. I will be able to provide the info on the six weights and various other wording differences in a few days.

I will post the data as soon as I can. Hopefully you can hold off for a few more days and let Russ know what is happening.


Here ya go...door stickers for an '86 GN originally sold in Canada.

Save these pics and the SPID label in post #7 above for your reference (and send to Russ). The last pic has the tire loading info. Although it is on a GNX, the information listed is the same for '86 and '87 GNs. The tire loading data was not changed to reflect the different wheels on the GNX (hence those cars just getting the additional ASC sticker). I am showing it because although the tire loading sticker is physically different in '86 and '87, the information on it is not different.

'86 GN Hardtop...

GVWR............GAWR FRT............GAWR RR
4409 lb...........2152 lb.................2257 lb
2000 kg...........976 kg.................1024 kg

In checking out the numbers above, it is important to note that using the simplified 2.2 lbs = 1 kg is not accurate. By using the value of 2.20462262185 and then rounding the converted value will duplicate the above values.

The text in the middle gray area is as follows...

The text in the third gray area would be the VIN.

Notice that in '86, the bottom line on the sticker also had the text "PRINTED IN U.S.A." and "01AP84" and the sticker part number.


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