1986 Olds 442


Jul 19, 2003
Anyone know what's interchangeable? I have an '87 GN and can get my hands on an '86 442.

My GN is rusty, so I could use everything from the doors, quarter panels, and even the roof. I could also use the hood and trunk, but those obviously have different lines.

Any help is appreciated.

If the 442 is in decent shape I'd leave it as is and find a rust free regal to swap the drivetrain to. Doors are the only outer body panels that are a direct swap. Rest is cutlass. Buddy Ingersoll took an old Warren Johnson pro stock cutlass and turned the ihra pro stock class on it's ear with his turbo v6 but if you look the quarter windows are definitely cutlass on that car.
Thanks, Rich.

The 442 has no interior and won’t cost me much at all for what’s left. The body is decent all around.
The problem is that in Hawaii, it’s difficult to find any decent g-body for sale that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. I haven’t seen a decent Regal in probably years that was reasonably priced. I haven’t seen a 442 for sale for much longer.
What's wrong with a Frankenstein? Still a cool car if you can't make it perfect.

You are 5000 miles from the main land.

Ya do what ya gotta do! :)

There are dudes out there swapping LSX's into REAL Turbo Buick cars all the time. Like they can't find a standard Buick G Body to swap, they insist on raping a Real Turbo Buick.

At least you are trying to stay true!

Thank you!
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I guess I didn't understand the constraints. It should all bolt in with in reasonable expectations of some mods to make it work.
Hawaii isn't the only place gbodies are high as giraffe cooter. Crazy how they just got hoarded up.
How 'bout some pix for us following along at home?