1987 6002 mi. in NJ


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Dec 17, 2008
My 1987 is for sale. I aquired this from the original owner in Nov. 2008.(my boss) It was part of a 4 car collection that he owned and as much as it means to me, I just dont have the room to keep it without juggling my cars everyday. It was purchased at HQ Buick and I have all of the supporting documents to go with the car. It is a TTop car with digital dash and concert sound. The speedo function doesnt work but can be fixed for approx. $300 by a few different vendors here on the board. New floor mats added last month and car cover included. I have the TTop bags and the original floor mats in the trunk as pictured. Car was undercoated from new. The paint is great for a 22 year old black car and the bumper fillers are nice and clean too. I was told the hood was repainted 15 years ago because of a nuke bird poop in the garage where it was stored.
I'm asking $26500 for the car. I have seen a few cars with 13,000 -18000miles sell recently for the $22k - $23k range. This is double and triple the mileage of my car. Several knowledgeable people from this board have contacted me and told me that my price is reasonable, EVEN IN THIS ECONOMY. I'd like for the car to go to a good home, but I'm not going to give it away.....so no low ball crazy offers please. NO DEALERS AND NO BROKERS


Thanks, CHRIS 973 479 2972


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The inside and the underside. It still has the inspection sticker from 1987.

Thanks again ! :cool:


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If the speedos not working how does someone know the mileage is accurate? you lost me on this one
The speedometer function is separate from the odometer. The speedo is digital and the mileage is the old analog type that runs off the cable (see picture). The mileage is accurate and works fine. The original owner was my boss of 15 years. In that time we took the car out once for a business meeting. It was one of 8 vehicles he owned.When I picked the car up it had 5976 miles....it now has 6002. Further, from what I have read, it is common for the digital to go out. It needs a new anode. I plan on sending it out to be updated shortly.
The car seems otherwise perfect. So why don't you fix the speedo then sell it as flawless? It's a low mileage car so people are not going to pic at the car, there going to focus on the fact that the speedo doesn't work and that is someting the new owner will have to repair.

At $26.5 the car should be turn key with no issues.