1987 Buick Grand National


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Jun 16, 2001
1987 Buick Grand National

Contact Joe Ragno directly to make the sale:
Rags260z AT Verizon.net
Car is located in Westwood, NJ

For sale is an original 66,000 mile Grand National. The car has been garage kept and well maintained. The black paint shines well and the interior of this car is mint. Radio has been upgraded to the top of the line Alpine 7949 unit. Original wheels were swapped with 16 inch Centerline wheels and the original wheels do go with the car. Everything on this car works and works well. All this car really needs is a driver and a garage to be kept in. Tasteful modifications were made such as:

.63 turbo charger
50 lb MSD injectors
Kenne Bell cat-back exhaust
Terry Houston down pipe
Vacuum brake conversion

Asking price is $15,500 obo.

Hard to find another one this clean in the northeast at this mileage.
Also .63 turbo is a bit vague. What is the compressor size?

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Sorry about the vagueness. The turbo is a CPT-60 with a .63 exhaust housing. I'll get her out of the garage tomorrow as long as it's not raining and take some pictures. Quickly took these.