1987 Buick Marketing Manual / Buick Carpet


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Jun 7, 2001
I have the following items that I'm trying to determine a value of. Pics of the items are attached. If you have any info on these I'd appreciate hearing from you.

1. 1987 Buick Marketing Manual in excellent condition. Has all the info for all the Buick cars in 1987 and has the yellow supplemental pages.

2. Buick showroom carpet. It is approx. 2.5' x 4.5' and is in like new condition with no wear on the top or bottom.


  • Buick Manual Front.JPG
    Buick Manual Front.JPG
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  • Buick Manual Inside Cover.JPG
    Buick Manual Inside Cover.JPG
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  • Buick Manual Regal Interiors.JPG
    Buick Manual Regal Interiors.JPG
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  • Buick Manual GN Pics.JPG
    Buick Manual GN Pics.JPG
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  • Buick Carpet Top.JPG
    Buick Carpet Top.JPG
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How much for the carpet?...I do not have a clue what it is worth.

Might be interested in both!

Right now, I'm trying to find out more about these items and from what I know right now they are both relatively rare items but I need to validate that info. I no longer have a GN and don't anticipate getting another anytime soon, so I'd like to see these go to another Buick enthusiast.
The manuals like that are occassionally found through one of the TB vendors for around $100. No idea on the carpet. I'd be interested in the manual - I purchased one, sold it to fund some needed parts, and want to find another some day. Give me a shot if you decide to sell - thanks bad87gn@msn.com