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Its a sad day, this is my second TB powered car ive had to sell and i have a feeling when i want another one down the line ill be kicking myself in the butt for selling this one. To save time im reposting what i wrote up on my local craigslist ad. Its a great car and i love her but i just bought a sprinter van and with little kids in the future it was either sell this or my high school car (1968 Camaro). Cant keep them all.....

I have so many spare parts for this thing its crazy. I bought a ton of parts that i never put on. A whole list of braces from kirban as well as the upgraded steering column. I have all the factory manuals, even the supplementals. All the stock parts for the car are in boxes if someone wanted to put her back to original. This car has been babied her whole life. One of the big selling factors for me when i bought it was how easy the doors closed. I know alot of GM cars especially ones driven hard get door sag and take some effort to close. This car is a one finger door close car!

Heres my wording from CL, let me know if there are any questions or if anyone wants any additional pictures.

Up for sale is my 1987 Buick Turbo T WE4. I am the 3rd owner of the car and i have had it since 2014. This car is an original California car and has only 89,000 miles on it. The WE4 is the lightweight edition of a Buick Grand National. Unlike standard T-type cars, the WE4 came with the famous W02 black out package, the same as the GN. They were slightly lighter due to their aluminum bumper supports, aluminum rear drums and lighter wheels. There were only 1,547 WE4 optioned cars vs the 20,000 Grand Nationals produced in 1987. For more information check out this website:

The car has a few light modifications but i have all the stock parts that were removed and can easily be refitted to the car. The previous owner did the following:
Headliner replaced (2006)
Transmission rebuilt with a 2400 stall and a shift kit at Schucks Transmission in Dublin (2008)
New Transmission Filter and fluid at 82k
Weather strips and seals (2009)
Front end completely rebuilt and SSBC front calipers installed as well as differential fluid serviced at Scotts Speed and Custom in Antioch (2011)
Master Cylinder upgraded to a vacuum system as well as dual magnoflow exhaust installed (2011)
Engine rebuild by Robello Racing in Antioch, previous owner said he wanted to fix all the oil leaks that came with a car that was 30 years old. (2012)
The previous owner also put on set of Torque Thrust 2 rims with BF Goodrich tires. I also have the stock wheels also with BF Goodrich tires

Since purchasing the car i have put about 5,000 miles on it and loved every moment of it. She drives like a dream and this was always a car i wanted. Unfortunately i dont have the time to drive her much and we are making room for a van so the wife and i decided to let her go.

I put the following parts on during my ownership:
42lb injectors with matching Turbo Tweak Chip
Razor's Alcohol injection kit
RJC 3 inch downpipe
Pillar gauges with Knock Sensor, Boost and EGT (still needs to be hooked up)
Walbro Fuel Pump
Cold air intake with LS1 MAF
Spoolfool front filler panels

I also have a ton of parts i never installed that come with the car such as GNX seat braces, Front braces from Kirban Performance as well as the upgraded steering shaft.

The only negatives to the car are the rear filler just started to crack after i replaced the front. The fillers on these cars are known to fall apart and there are a bunch of aftermarket companies that make factory style replacements for about $400. Also there are various chips in the paint as to be expected with a 30+ year old car but id give the exterior an 8/10 and the interior an 8/10 as well. The drivers side header has a small crack in it. Again a known problem on these cars. Its been there since i bought the car. You can only hear it when you first fire it up but it quickly goes away and then doesnt return until you start the car cold.

Hagerty value's the WE4 at 35k for a pristine show car and 26k for an excellent condition car. This car is easily in excellent condition. They are only going up in value and i know in 5 years ill look at prices again and regret selling her but for the moment its time to move on. Serious inquires please email me with your name and phone number and i will promptly get back to you. More pictures available upon request.




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