1987 Buick REGAL T (Turbo) $5500 Roller


Dec 31, 2001
Rolling Chassis - Rolling Chassis - Rolling Chassis!

What's missing? Complete motor, trans, Down pipe, intercooler and ECM. With those items this will be a running, complete driver again. Also, the AC stuff is no longer with it including some idiot cut the lines from the AC box.

List of extras the car has: Caspers Hot wire kit, Optima Yellow top battery, Champion Billet Rad support cover, Billet overflow bottle, Kirbans rear seat brace kit, Newer Pypes Race Pro Exhaust, Aeromotive 340 stealth in tank pump, QA1 rear shocks. Dual rear Air bags in the springs, Front Eibach lowering springs, New front brakes and rotors, Rebuilt 3.42 Posi rear, Fiberglass front and rear bumpers, Aftermarket CD player with AUX and newer Kicker speakers, ACC "T" Floor mat kit, new bumper fillers, new headliner.

Body - Original Vin 7 Turbo Regal. White with Maroon interior. Recent paint job but not high quality. 6.75 is where it sits on the scale. It is all one color, very shiny and presentable but has flaws, runs, chips, rubs, etc.... The lower 1/4's have scaly rust flaking and there are little bubbles here and there but nothing major. Not a cancer ridden rot bucket by any means. Just age. The trunk lid does have some more serious bubbles and inside the trunk jam has an area of concern. There was probably a leak. The entire underneath of the car is a 10. It's perfect and solid as it was new. The T wheels are nice but all 4 tires are just rollers and it needs 4 new ones.

Interior- Very clean and well kept. Super presentable. Smells good, looks good. Perfect door panels, console etc... Issues to note, small burns in driver seat, gauge surround was drilled into and top of dash is split pretty bad. This car has title in my name, 63,000 miles, I know the whole history from Day 1 and have owned it twice. It is currently PA inspected until 10/19 and I was driving it daily until recently.

There's a few paths for this car. Throw in drivetrain and flip, Restore to original, Make into Street/strip/race car or do LS swap. It would make a good candidate for whatever you choose. I've provided pictures and best description I can. NO TRADES. Cash only. No Phone calls I've wasted enough of my time on the phone with total strokers that want to chat for an hour and disappear. Price is $5500


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If someone had a donor car with all the parts needed it would make a sweet ride. However, if sourcing the parts one at a time it would probably be more cost effective to by one already road worthy. Shame to see something like that get hacked. Hopefully someone will save it.


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thank you sir , I hope it is still around when I can save up some dinero ,just what I am looking for , you take a post dated check!! LOL
great roller thank you for your time
Thank you for your interest. I'd be willing to come down on the price a little as I have something I want to buy and this stands in the way.
I'm pretty surprised that no one is in need of a reasonably priced roller. White T, Hardtop, quite a few extras and pretty damn complete as far as dropping a pullout motor and trans in. A few years ago this wouldn't have lasted a week.
If this had showed up in January I would have bought it minutes after it posted. I bought a WE4 roller. For considerably more $$$$.