1987 Buick Regal T-Type

Kris Wrightnour

New Member
Sep 9, 2012
Rebuilt engine and built trans with 4000 miles on it. Garrett t4 turbo with boost command running 23 PSI. 71000 orginal miles. Built by Len at Performance Trans in Las Vegas. Has miner door dings and falling head liner. None working AC. AZ car that has been in Vegas for that last 8 years. Call for more details or questions 702-285-3737.

Awesome T Type and great price! I'm about 9-12 months away from purchasing, but damn I wish i was closer to pulling the trigger so I could grab this gem. TTT and GLWS!
Could you post some interior pictures? And pics of the door bottoms? I realize this is a western car but I have to ask.
List the cars modifications?
Are the dings, a/c, and headliner the only faults of the car.
I assume the trunk T type badge was added? Just curious......
They didnt build t-types in 87 but the build date is 9/86. hmmmm. It should be an 87 from that date listed but just maybe they had some 86 stuff and cars that rolled into 87. Kirban would be the guy to ask about this one. Thats a nice car for that price
According to the VIN it is an 87. Hopefully the owner can chime in with additional info about the emblem.