I've had this car for a few years. It's a 1987 Buick Grand National w/t tops. Its runs and barely drives due to sitting for years. I've installed new fuel pump to get it running. It runs but by no means a dialy driver or 1/4 car. It has alot of upgrades to engine and I recently redid the 8.5 Posi rear, including taking it off, disassembly and replacing and powdercoating complete rear end. It has new stock gears if I remember correctly 3:42. It has new Aluminum brake drums, brake components and tubular upper/lower control arms. The rear end is flat/matte blk. So basically the rear is brand new. It has GTA/GNX rims with 245/50/16s on it. The rims are new $1200. Tires are used but have descent amount of tread left. The interior is ok. Driver seat bottom was torn so I replaced bottom with burgundy Monte SS bottom. I have two new in the box seat foams I bought from GN Highway stars. They are included with car. I do not have seat covers, the rest of seats seem to be fine no tears or stains. The headliner is there but probably needs replacing. The dash has no cracks but I have another one that comes with car just in case. It's a analog gauge not digital gauge car. I have one extra t top. I do not have stock GN rims. I also have a complete engine removed from a 87 GN with approx 70,000 miles but that car is gone so I cannot offer proof of mileage. It's a complete engine with stock headers included with turbocharger. It probably needs a rebuild since that car was not running and sitting for sometime also. I have an extra 200R4 that came out of the car I removed engine from. It's a 200R4 but I believe it from a earlier RWD cadillac or olds. It does not have buick tag on it. I think it's the yellow tag as opposed to the buick blue one. The grille I have is off a 40,000 mile GN, mine was missing when I bought car. It's an original GM not repopped. The lower console has a crack in it and do not have a replacement that cost $125 from OPG. THe tail ights are very good condition. I have new front headlight bezels with new side markers. The ones on car are just worn. The header panel is original GN not t type with hole covered. Also included are two new front turn signals with refinished bezels and new hardware. Turn signal sockets were both replaced. I have stock AM-FM case with concert sound door panels. The body has some rust on bottom of doors but no holes I can see. It looks to be original paint. The car is not a rust bucket by any means. The hood is in good shape with a couple of small dings. All the glass is good. I have all emblems for the car. Original not new. I also have front and rear aluminum bumper supports not installed but included. I have a new billet shifter handle, stock one has a crack inside where it mounts to shifter. New billet one included. Also included with car is a Kenne Bell cold air intake new in the box.I also have so other misc engine and parts for car. I'm located in thge northwest suburbs of chicago. I bought car for $6500 when I bought it. It had a clear Illinois title that I didn't transfer because I put car away at the time. I lost the title. I have previous owners information but his phone number is no longer valid so I cannot contact him to apply for a replacement title. I'll give you information if you'd like to obtain title for car, I am not going to go through process of dealing with secretary of state of Illinois as they make it difficult to do anything nowadays plus the cost involved. I have alot invested in this car but am not spending anymore on it. THe reason I'm selling the GN is I have a TTA convertible that I'm finishing. I like the GN but like my TTA convertible the best so GN as to go. Pics will be texted to your cell so there is no problem downloading to this site and you know what you're getting before you purchase and pay for it. Payment can be done in person at time of pick up, bank wire transfer or Walmart to Walmart. I will not and do not accept PayPal. Sorry too many bad transactions with them.
The price for the car and all the parts wwith extra engine and trans is $10,000 and I'm not making any deals or trading anything for the GN. I need the money to finish my TTA so I do not need or want anything or than cash. I have more then $10,000 into car so whatever you think it's worth to you to buy it and part it out or fix it…I want $10,000
I have no problem sending pics to interested people. Just not into wasting time with tire kickers. If someone is serious I'll send all the pics they want.
Here's a few


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Your asking 10k for a project car, so your going to need to furnish pictures to show what you have...Not trying to say it is not worth the price, but your going to need a lot of pictures and be able to answer a lot of questions


And no Title??

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It's easy to get a title through a title company as long as there isn't any funny business going on. Less than 200
there isnt just not spending anymore money on this car. I've had it stored in a storage spot for last 3 yrs at $199 a month....I want to finish my tta.
and i know title company's can get a title for $200-$300...money I wont be spending. Yes it can be parted out if the new owner wants to...I don't
and i know title company's can get a title for $200-$300...money I wont be spending. Yes it can be parted out if the new owner wants to...I don't
I understand your frustration, but no one wants to buy a car that has a lien or is stolen...just sayin
If no one buys it. I'll just buy bumper inserts, get it running right and start driving it. I don't have to sell it but I'd like to and use money to finish my TTA.
I guess people don't get that a storage spot for last 3 yrs is over $7,000. If you're wondering why I stored it...guess how long a 87 GN would last outside parked so everyone could see it.
and the last place I had it stored someone must have seen when I brought it there, broke in a removed some parts...That cost me enough to replace parts. The only reason they probably couldn't take car was i removed wheels and put it on jacks and removed ECM...
so you can make all the assumptions you want, bottom line is id like to finish my TTA convertible project and recover some of the money I spent on GN, storing, parts and work done to it. That's all, if this isn't for you great then don't buy it. If I don't get my $10G then I'll apply for lost title, buy bumper inserts, get it running and daily drive for next 10 yrs tp get my money back...that simple
and i have previous owners info so I can probably find him and ask him to apply for a lost or duplicate title and pay him what that cost. I haven't spoken to him since i purchased car over 3 yrs ago so I don't even know if he lives where he did anymore. Again I have alot of things to get done before May 2019...with this last holiday season working 13+ hrs a day, working out at 3am...tracking down a guy or lost title isn't on the top of my list.