1987 Buick Somerset??

First off - it's a POS...never seen one that wasn't just plain falling apart.
Exterior wise it's similar to the Grand am but more "girly" with buick styling cues (vertical bar front grill etc)...interior was completely different as well with a REALLY goofy center console/radio pod thing.

The Oldsmobile version I think was the Ciera...
Ok...got it. Stopped one today that was blowing so much smoke it looked like a mosquito fogger. All the #'s checked out so I sent her on her way but was dumbfounded when the insurance card said "Buick Regal" which I thought was in error since the emblems all said Somerset. It was Grand Am'ish so I guess we learn something every day...
Strangely, it was called the Somerset Regal. In '86 it went to the Skylark Somerset. They were available with the aluminum 2.5 Tech4 (Wreck4) engine...prone to overheating and worthless after you did it. Some had some kind of pedestal radio like the ones in the Camaro Berlinetta. All in all, a POS.
Ahh yes, I noticed a "T" on the steering wheel horn button. For a moment I thought I had a stolen/retagged car but as I said everything checked out....

So it was a 1987 Buick Somerset "T" ?
Has anyone ever seen the G-body one in person? I have seen 2 a cream one that was new back in the day,actually sharp.The other was old and weathered.They are in the Regal dealer brochure as an option on our style Regal but must be rare.