1987 GN 82k miles in MI


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Sep 18, 2016

I have to sell my GN due to medical related issues. This car has been a trip for me, but hopefully it will find a good home. I'll try to stay as brief and concise as possible but I have to sell it ASAP and please note that, not having been following these cars too closely lately, I will take some direction on price if I am listing it for too much.

Here's the timeline of ownership:

-bought the car 9 years ago with low-mid 70k miles on it (I'll have to look)

-put on about 1000 or so miles and had to have the the transmission rebuilt (Pioneer Transmission near Lapeer, MI)

-put on another 1000 or so miles and had some engine issues at which point I was advised by my brothers to have it rebuilt. So I took it to a gentleman that came recommended by two friends who had their classics done by him, but I ended up paying quite a chunk for bad work and used parts. After trying to get him to come fix it for a few months (he had nothing but excuses) I gave up and took it to D&S Engine in Clawson, MI. Got the car back and it ran perfectly fine. So, I put another 1000k and then had to put it in storage.

- over the next idk how many years I left it with one of my brothers and he took general care of it until this year when I got it completely out of storage as I had intended on getting back into cars, until my recent issues.

I have the rest of the interior parts not shown, except maybe the DS seatbelt guide. I also have a set of new center caps but I will have to try and dig all that out when I am able to.

There are some body imperfections and the Transmission is having a hard time in 1st/2nd when you punch it but is fine on the daily drive. The car honestly runs great and I am quite disappointed that it has to go, but somethings can't be helped. I've frequented this site and the other one but haven't needed to ask too many questions between the forums and Steve Wood's Vortex site (and a few messages for direct help on the other TB site), so I wanted to post it here first.

Please keep in mind I don't remember much about the rebuild nor can I find any of my paperwork from that time as it was 8 years ago or so and I was only 19 at the time.

A few more things to note:
The picture of just the top of the car (with the red box) is to show what looks to be an old sun/moon roof that may have been added and then removed. (There are other pictures of a dent, the PS mirror and one on the rear quarter....that one was meh bad).

Here is what was done under my watch:
-TurboTweak chip & 60lb injectors
-the fuel pump upgrade and hotwire kit
-MAF sensor upgrade
-Accu Adj Fuel Pressure Regulator
-I will add anything else that comes to mind

The price is $17,000 obo. Thanks again all. PM me for my number, any other any information or alike.



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Here is the carfax report from April 2008 when I bought the car.


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