1987 GN for sale, 11s on stock turbo

The car is back up for sale, deal fell through. Sorry to those that showed interest and were planning on seeing the car last week. I would like to get this car sold this winter. New price $11,500

If anyone is interested in a more stockish car, I can change some of the performance parts back to stock such as downpipe, intercooler, big mouth cold air kit, drag radials, and some others and reduce the price accordingly.
Asking price is $11,500. The $ sign means dollars, as in cash. Unless they are Susan B Anthony coins, I have a thing for them.... hubba hubba. ;)

I wish you had joeynj's money. Then you'd only need $1500 :biggrin: . Thanks, btw.

lol... well yeah if i had 10k right now i would get the 1,500 really quick. cant find cars that nice any more. maybe after the new years ill start looking to buy one in great shape like this one that is posted.:biggrin:
Murphster nice GN,where did you hide the "Alky" nozzle,pump and tank, cant see anything in your pics.
Thanks for the compliments guys. The alky line runs under the up pipe, you can see it barely in the first engine pic. The SMC alky bottles are similar to gallon jug bottles (but a little skinnier) and they mount behind the radiator.
Can you get some more video up with you driving inside, acceleration, and do a few driving by? A few close ups of the wheels? Are you using methenol and if not can you use it? How many miles on the tranny again?
Its dark when I get out of work (and cold) so I'll to wait until the weekend to get any videos. I'll try to get some pics of the wheels up soon. I bought the rims from a friend about 3 years ago, they were from a low mileage car. At the same time I put the center caps on it, they were NOS.

I'd say the trans has 1000 miles on it. I run methanol in the alky kit and add a capful of Marvel Mystery oil to it every time I fill it. Boost is currently set to around 20 psi.
If it had power windows I would be all over it.

With all the problems I've had with power windows in my other Buicks, these windows are my most dependable ones... they never fail! Also, it saves weight. ;)

Another thing is what kind of Knock numbers have you seen on the scanmaster after a good WOT?

No knock. The alky is set to max and overall its a little rich (and safe). I watch everything very carefully and always tune for no knock.
11,500 is what i paid for my GN back in Feb. and i thought it was clean, but this one is cleaner then mine. Good price and very nice car.
I run methanol in the alky kit and add a capful of Marvel Mystery oil to it every time I fill it.

Why do you add the Marvel Mystery oil ton your methanol ?
Winter is pretty much here and I want to sell the car before first snow so I can get my other car in the garage. I am lowering the price one final time in the hopes to sell it soon. I will not lower the price any more, so don't ask. I am not taking deposits, the first one to give me money has it.

Also, as expected there are little things here and there on the car that could be replaced to make the car perfect. But at this price, don't think about complaining as its a heck of a car and a great deal.

As a bonus, I found the original owners packet for the car that has the owner's manual, service schedule guide, Goodyear tire brochure, and a couple other things. This will be included with the car in addition to the window sticker that I showed a picture of earlier in the thread.

New price: $10,900