1987 GN for sale, 11s on stock turbo

Someone had asked about the trunk since it looks like rust on the driver's side of the trunk in the picture. I don't know what the brown mark was, looks like something was spilled a long time ago and not cleaned up. Most of it wiped away easily.

Here is a pic with the carpet removed. No rust anywhere and anything brownish in the picture is just carpet fibers.
Very nice car, would be interested, but you are about 1000 miles away. Wish you were closer.
Price lowered to $12,500 firm. :smile:

Someone will be very happy with this car. I've been tempted to take the ATR exhaust off the car and switch it for the Hooker exhaust on my Red T, but not yet!
The car now has a 2.5" Hooker exhaust that I swapped from my Red T. No performance difference at this power level and the exhaust went 121mph in the 1/4 on my Red T. This exhaust is a lot quieter than the ATR and has no drone. I think I should have done this a while ago since the car drives so nice already and now its quiet to match. Makes highway trips a lot more enjoyable. I actually tested the cruise control yesterday and it works fine. I had never actually tried it before (although my dad said it worked). A few people had asked if it was working.

New price is $11,950 with the Hooker exhaust.
Is the A/C cold? Does the engine have 116K or was there a rebuild done? If so how many miles on the engine and trans?
Car clearly has SC plates not many 1/4 tracks in sc ... what track did u run it at an what area of sc was the car from ?
Some of the questions are answered above :smile: :

working A/C, very cold

Thanks. The car is in Jersey with me.

The track runs last year were at Englishtown in NJ. The runs I made in SC in 2000 was at a track near Aiken, don't remember the name.

I don't think the engine has ever been apart or rebuilt. Valve springs were replaced though. The trans probably has 1000 miles since the rebuild, maybe less.
This pictures look great but can we have more info. on the paint? How would you rate it?
Do the videos reflect the changed exhaut or is it even quieter?

The video was with the ATR exhaust. Its quieter now, I'll see if I can get a new video up. The old exhaust had a drone right in the low/mid two thousand rpm range. My white T also droned with the same combo (stock turbo, THDP, no cat, dual ATR 3") but now its just loud all the time. :smile:

This pictures look great but can we have more info. on the paint? How would you rate it?

The paint is nice, the car stands out. I'd say its close to an 8 out of 10. I haven't buffed or waxed it in a while or it might be closer to a 9 out of 10. The body is straight, its rust free, no dents or dings. I'm sure there are some small scratches here and there as its been a while since its been painted. It looks perfect for something like a cruise night. It may not win 1st place at major car show, but its not that far behind.
Here is a link to a large photo that may give the best idea of what the car/paint looks like. This was taken recently with an overcast sky after backing it out of the garage and wiping off some dust.

GN picture