1987 GN Hardtop under 300 actual miles

Dennis Kirban

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Mar 5, 2009
You read it correctly less than 300 actual miles. Never advertised before. I am selling it for the 2nd owner who acquired it last November when it had 50 actual miles on it. Window sticker still remains attached to the glass.

The seller knew the original owner since it was new and also he had a GN as well. Since he purchased it las November he has had his mechanic painstakingily bring the car back to life replacing virtually everything it needed from its 30 year hibernation. Although it was stored in a warehouse in Texas it needed fillers, gas tank exhaust system, battery fluids flushed etc. All the receipts about one inch thick go with this prestine original paint 87 GN hardtop.

The seller is seeking a reasonable $62,900 for the car. Member a true 87 GN hardtop with less than 300 miles. To compare find another one with those miles and you will see this seller has it fairly priced. I expec to have photos shortly and even a copy of the window sticker and probably list of al that was done to the car. I know most of the parts he bought came from my company.

This car has never been advertised so its not one that has been kicked around from buyer to buyer. If your young enough this car will be a good investment in time to come or for your kid.

denniskirban@yahoo.com my email for more info The key features are its a GN hardtop 1987, stock, and under 300 actual miles.