1987 GN Stage II Car - $15,000


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Jun 14, 2001
In my search for a Limited, I came across Earl (EJ) Howe and his Rosewood car. Some of you in the Houston area may know him as he has been involved in The Houston Buick Club for many years and has hosted several events at his place. In talking to Earl, he told me he has a few TR cars to sell, so I agreed to host the pictures and put up an ad for them on TB.com.

This is EJ's Stage II car. According to his e-mail he sent me:


I bought the car from the original owner it came from mississippi, I believe I have owned it for around 12 years, car was built by Conleys years ago it had a stage 1 eng. that I ran for many years, I will attempt to recall as much as I can about the car,
Its an 87 GN, with a virgin stage 2 on center eng. maybe 12 easy brake in passes, went 142mph at bowling green last oct. no boost off the line and 20 max, that mph relates to a 9.60 9.70 pass. turbo 400 trans built by Mike Kirtz (century automotive) old school turbo mitsubishie tf08, liquid to air intercooler, 72 lb injectors, classic fast fuel management system, champion mega ported heads, bowling green custom intake, manual steering, vaccum brakes, 6 point roll bar, up to date seat belt, 4 in. alum. drive shaft, south side bars, with air bags, new slicks, 8.5 rear with spool, mosher axles, 5 gal fuel cell, 3 bosch fuel pumps, bte 4000 stall converter. this covers the the big items there may be more but I think you should get the picture.

Please keep in mind this is not my car...sending me PMs about it won't get you far. Please contact EJ Howe directly at turboville@hotmail.com or by phone at (936)203-0591. The car is located just north of Houston.




I'm driving 2250 miles one way to pick a car up in a couple of weeks. Indiana to Texas is a short trip. :D
I agree very nice car, the turbo is really cool IMO! when Albertan originally posted this up i did some googling about the TF08 needs no wastegate! Cool design!..