1987 Grand National T-Top For Sale Soon... Need honest help on pricing.

Hey everyone! So, after my last 1987 Grand National got stolen, I had a son and needed a 4 door so had a Silverado for awhile. The dust settled, found a 1987 Grand National with T-Tops in PA for like $5500. Had a friend on the board here check it out for me... it was a $5500 GN lol....




Transferred the money. Bought it. Had it shipped first to Dunn to go through it and do what needed to be done to make it a good daily driver (welded the manifold crack, new fuel pump and tank, etc... all the stuff the car needed after sitting).

Got her shipped here to CA where she spent the next 18 months getting taken down to bare metal. Any rust was repaired, hood replaced with VFN hood, front and rear bumpers and fillers all replaced with Spoolfool, GNX Fender Flares, etc...





I had some 18" GNX look alikes made for her. Brand new carpet, some panels, seats, etc... Interior is still waiting to go back in as I'm have all the cloth done in leather and the buckets are getting replaced with Recaros recovered in leather to match the Grand National interior (black and grey leather, vertical stitching, Turbo 6 logo, etc...).


This is the seat before the recovering...


I have the headlight upgrade, new window motors, anti-ratlle kit, etc... I had planned to keep these car so any thing I could find that needed to be done I was trying to do...





Then a car seat fell on my two year old son's head from a 12ft high shelf . Praise the Lord after ambulance ride, multiple cat scans, etc.... he had a BAD concussion but he's ok.

This happened about a month ago, he's 100% fine, I just am swimming in bills so GN has to go :(

I have no clue what the market on these cars is anymore. To get the car out here I was about $10k into it (purchase price, having Dunn work on it and shipping it out here). $7k into the paint. $3k into the interior. $2k into the rims, etc... You get the point, you've all been there I'm sure lol.

I'm easily $25k into the car so far and after the interior is back in (which won't be until Friday probably) the car will STILL need the following:

Powermaster Replaced or Converted (I assume, I have the dreaded BRAKE light on lol)
A/C Repaired (seems like it needs a blower motor and I assume a compressor... everyone says "probably just need a charge" and it never does. That MIGHT be all it needs but just assume the worst, $1300 to replace it all was what my last GN cost me through Firestone)

That's it. Runs well and drives well. Any mods look like normal bolt ons, injectors, CAI, mufflers and that looks like it.

I have NO CLUE what to price this thing at. I know there's NO WAY I'm getting even close what I have into it back as it's one of those "Unknown Mileage" via the title cars.

Title is clean. Paint is WAY better than what these (and most modern cars) come with. Paint is a 9 out of 10 if 10 is an award winning paint job.

Is this a $10k car, $15k car, $25k car... $5k car lol? What's a fair price to sell it quick? Thanks for any input, I had no intentions of selling so I haven't looked at the market in 3 years since I was looking for this one :(
My guess would be around $15k depending on how many miles are on the car and what is under the hood. I am assuming it's all stock but some pics would help. Great looking car. It really sucks when we put so much into them and then we have to take a loss when life kicks us in the teeth. Sorry to hear about your son but at least he is ok. The market seems to finally be heading a little higher since they are 30 years old now and honestly it's still all about finding the right buyer at the right time. Car looks great.

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Thanks Scott! Yeah, I just picked up the rear seats right now and set them in... Killing me lol. Looks so good (especially based on where this car started) it's getting hard to let go lol. I still have to get the thing to the DMV to register/inspect it so maybe something else will come through between now and then. If not, at least this one got rescued and whomever gets it will have a great car with all the harder stuff done and done well since it was done with the intention of keeping it. I'll get some more pics of the engine bay but yeah basically stock.
Yes I feel your pain. Beautiful car but the T Tops will limit your buyers somewhat. Good luck with your sale.
^^You are correct but man it seems nuts because I personally only buy them with T-Tops (personal preference) but I NEVER find them cheaper lol. When I buy T-Tops are hot, when I sell they're not lol.
The personal touches limit the market. You have to find someone with the same taste. I would say $13-16k in the current market but not going to be a super easy sell.

I feel your pain, my wife's medical bills don't seem to stop. Easy to put too much money in a car when you want it your way, been there done that too many times.
From what I see and read here Pitch Black and Scott Heidinger are in the ball park. Would like to under the hood depending on Mods the price could change?

Slap it on Evilbay with a reserve and see what happens.
best of luck selling it man. seems like a reasonable price for a clean car with a lot of time into it. Im out in coachella a few hours away but i would definitely list the car in San diego and orange county craigslist as well. Someone will make the trip for a clean example^