1987 Grand National -thinking about selling... Need advice.

Hey guys and gals, I need some advice.

I'm considering selling my 79,8xxx mile 1987 Grand National, but don't know what to ask for it. It has a clear Wisconsin title and is current. I think most of you have seen my posts of theft attempts and head gasket failure (now fixed). The theft thing really bothers me and I just feel it's better to have the car go to a appreciative home where it can be better protected and loved as much as I do.

Car is nice, T-tops, digital dash, TT chip, 36# injectors, AccuFab FP regulator, Hotwire kit with Poston fuel pump (in the tank). This is a heavily optioned car. RPO codes are here: IMG_8678 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Body is rust free and mostly straight. Not perfect, but really nice nonetheless. Motor pulls strong and I've been having a blast with it over the last couple of weeks - now that it's running right. :-)

Current pictures (taken today) of the car can be seen here:
1987 Buick Grand National - For Sale - a set on Flickr

Again, I do not know what to ask for it so I'm hoping that I can get some advice from the best GN enthusiasts in the world (here). :-)

If anyone is interested in the car, please let me know and we can discuss it further. I'm not looking to get rich on this thing. I just don't want to lose money on it. I've got 3K in parts into it during the last month or so to get it to where it is right now. I had a good base to start with so it was pretty easy to get to a really nice car. It runs fine, looks good, has lots of options and is a generally nice car for the miles.

Transmission shifts perfect and is super strong. I mainly fixed a lot of "little" things that were either missing, not working, not working correctly, or needed replacement to bring to a OE standard. The car is stock other than the items listed above and some gauges on the drivers side windshield pillar.

I have the original Coil Pack, Ignition Control Module, Injectors, O2 sensor and FP regulator too (in a box). All work fine but I replaced them anyway during diagnosis of the original problems which led to the blow-out of the drivers side head gasket. Again, it's all fixed and the motor is just fine and runs really, really well. I have a Caspers dial-a-tune chip and Pit-Bull chip too. The Caspers chip is for the 36# injectors which are currently on the engine and the Pit Bull chip is for the original 28.5# injectors (which I have and will go with the car if I sell it). I should clarify that the TT chip is what is in the ECM right now and I just got the chip about 2 weeks ago - programmed specifically for this engine and 16-17 #'s of boost. I'm running about 12 #'s of boost right now and all is well. Baby steps...

OK, so after all of that, what would a reasonable price be for this car?

Thanks in advance for your continued support and advice.


Eric McCann
Germantown, WI
Hi Gino! If you're willing to come out and take a peek at my car, that would be great. Actually, I might rather come to you instead. Reason is that I'm now newly wary about people stopping at my house since the recent theft attempts of my GN came rather suddenly after talking with another gent from New Berlin on July 4th. He stopped by my house (on July 3rd) anonymously while I was at work and asked my wife if my car was for sale and then after he and I talked one time (on July 4th), no more conversations, but instead theft attempts - even though he seemed VERY interested in the car. So please be aware of my sensitivity to people crawling over my car while it's been the target of 4 separate theft attempts over the last 2 weeks or so. I'm sure you understand, but at the same time I also want you to understand that I sincerely do appreciate your willingness to look over my car and give a realistic expectation as to $ value.

My cell is 414-708-1014 and I'd really like to get an honest opinion. Again, my car is not perfect my any means, but it's a nice-ish car nonetheless.

My first car ever was a 1979 Turbo Regal, but aside from the chassis, the difference in the engines between that car and the 87 GN I have right now is like night and day.


Eric McCann
In the interest of time I'm going to start asking $16K for it and see where it goes from there.

Please PM me if interested. there should be plenty of pictures to reference. If in need of more, I can take some of specific area of interest. All stock intercooler ductwork is intact. Just wanted to note that. Also, again, it's a heavily optioned T-top car. Paint isn't perfect, but it's still nice nonetheless.

I'm not looking to get rich off of this. I think it's a fair price for a moderately decent car.

Thanks for reading.


Eric McCann
Germantown, WI
...or am I totally on crack? 16 is a starting point, folks. :-) That does not mean that I'm not willing to negotiate. :-)

If you want to know what I NEED out of it, please PM me. I'm a fair guy.



Hey Eric,

I'm over near Madison and am seeing a soft market on musclecars right now. Per NADA, your in the ball park at $16K. Of Course temper that with a car the "needs" body & paint to be perfect. I don't think its something needing done right away, but the "tire kickers" are going to beat you up on that. I'd figure 3-5K on a pro paint job, so they will try and get the car for $11-12K.

I think your description is spot on about the car and selling price I'd look for is around the mid $14K range. Don't know were you are in the vehicle, but if that sounds acceptable go for it!

Good luck with your sale!

I've got someone looking at mine tonight (350 V-8 car) wish me luck.

I know, I hate that. I had someone who I was supposed to meet last night for a different sale of some craigslist stuff I have out there and the guy was a no-show, no-call, etc. ...and I took the Grand National to meet him.

Sounds like I'll probably be in the $12 - $13K range considering the economy these days.