1987 Grand National with new turbo and interior kit. $8,000.00


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Sep 25, 2006
1987 Buick Grand National or GN Black with T-tops 120,000 miles, 3.8 inter-cooled turbo.

Brand new Precision ESP 61 mm P trim liquid cooled dual ball bearing

1987 Buick Grand National for sale Turbo Buick pictures from classic cars photos on webshots

NOS headlight bezels which are not made any more.

Turn signal/corner lens new NOS.

It has a few custom chips Turbo Tweak/ Eric Marshal and Full Throttle Extender

LS1 MAF sensor and Gen II Translator plus or pro.

Scanmaster for tuning as well.

Autometer Pro-comp gauges.

New upper door panels

New carpet, seat upholstery on the original re-covered buckets.

Needs a headliner.

T-tops need the new rubbers put in which I have all the pieces and info booklets to put in.

Like new tires Dunlops I believe. The backs are 275 or bigger on the factory chrome/steel wheels. They fill the wheel well.

I have new body mounts and suspension bushings and a larger front sway bar.

New Bilstien shocks the good ones not the cheap ones.

I have all new hoses some on the car.

New dual electric fans it has a lager core radiator in it.

Front mount ESP intercooler.

New turbo. It is a dual ball bearing Precision Engineering turbo from ESP but is a P-trim I believe with liquid cooled center section GT6776 I think or it is the 61mm P-trim. It spools fast and acts like a larger turbo but needs less stall.

New actuator.

70mm throttle body

Accufab upper plenum and port matched lower intake.

New 60lb Motron injectors and matching chip

Adjustable fuel pressure regulator.

New Holley fuel pump will support 600 HP.

I have the biggie oil filter adapter.

RJC power plate not on yet.

KN cone air filter.

Hooker Super comp headers.

2004r transw/ shift kit,

3000, 9.5" Real Art Car stall does feel tighter, non lock up.

Billet servo

8.5 inch rear stock 3.42 gears

All the factory oil coolers in place.

Working electric brake booster.
PW, PL, PS, TW, CC, power driver’s seat with new switch.

Anti window rattle kits not in yet.

Slotted and dimpled rotors.

Eibach lowering springs.

SFI flex plate

new cam senor,

crank sensor,

spark control module,

ignition module,

Wires and plugs.

Engine has been recently rebuilt not by me and is running strong.

Needs full tune to run the best does run great as is though.

New Cast Aluminum Buick 6 power valve covers

Spare heads w/ port work, larger valves, LT1 springs, re-done easy a 50hp gain from a head swap.

Cam is a performance grind.

Lager up pipe

3" down pipe with larger elbow

3” dump with test tube for out the passenger side.

Dual 3 or 2.5 out the back with Dyno-max mufflers.

Down side is the car has a poor driver’s quality paint job but the bumper fillers etc. are nice. Front header panel has hairline cracks but nothing major.

Floor Coated with POR-15 to kill and stop rust.

Leaky T-tops.

Under side sealed and under coated to stop the rust and protect it.

Dynamat Ultra mat under drivers/passenger front and rear floors working our way back. .

Trunk re-coated and sound deadened.

The car drives and handles great.

Needs the t-top seals and door window weather strips which I have just need to be installed

I'm sure there is more.

Most stuff on the car. Some is not. Drives fine as is.

At some point it really needs a re-paint but looks OK for now. They didn't do the needed prep work.

Lots of other parts.

Check the book value. At New Car Prices | Used Car Values - Official Kelley Blue Book Site or at New Car Prices, Used Car Values, New Car Reviews and Car Buying at NADA Guides

1987 Buick Regal 2 Door Coupe Grand National price report at NADAguides.com

I have several thousand in up-grades.

I like 66s 67s, 69s Chevelles and Buicks.

Really want an older Buick wagon with the Vist roof and 3rd seat so a 9 passenger GS/Skylark
Maybe even a Nova 66-74 w/o or with motor. No rust buckets.

This car has been increasing in value since I got it and should continue.

It is an 87 with a clear car title in my name.

It should easily run in the 11s maybe low 11s with methanol/alcohol injection.

If you have ever ridden in one you know they are very fast cars.

Also have a set of .030 forged pistons and reconditioned rods.

Also have a new high volume oil pump.

Voltage booster

Fuel pump hot wire kit.

Also have airbags for inside the rear coils.

New fan relays and spark control module.

ESP coil pack as well.

Have the original turbo shield included.

Must sell

Champaign, Illinois

Rob 217-344-1865


For sale:1987 Buick Grand National T-tops, 3.8 inter-cooled, brand new water cooled dual ball bearing turbo. Huge list of extras Very, very, fast, 120,000 miles. New upholstery inside decent body average paint. High book value. You couldn’t build or find another like this for less. Too much to list yet it is very street friendly.
$8,500.00 or best offer.
Rob @ 217-344-1865 217-649-3523 or chevelle45466@hotmail.com


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If you really want it and pay the asking price it is yours.

Hey I get to park free in metered spots and get the good parking spaces up close.

I use a wheel chair so it is actually very important to open the door wide to throw my chair out. Distance doesn't bother me, just need the width.

No I couldn't let the plate go. I hate it when I see some perfectly fine individual with granny's hang tag or car parking in the crippled spots. Or some 400lb woman in a scooter who would not need it if she lost 300lbs.

Sorry the crip plates stay with me. Also Rowdy was the best dog/friend I have ever had.


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vin 1g4gj117xhp454719 2247-010

This is off my insurance card.

That dog was my best friend for 14 years good boy.