1987 pro-touring grand national, from the ground up

I thought about satin but I think it's a passing trend. A few years ago it was all the rage at SEMA this last year I only saw one or two. Also, I think satin looks cool on very high end cars; Lamborghini, Ferrari, slr etc but on older cars it looks like they are in primer. Plus this shop does insane black, they color sand down to 5000 grit and the cars really do look like mirrors.
I wish I could take good pictures of the last few black cars they did, its shocking. And yeah 5000 grit is a joke, it looks buffed at that point
hello; I seen a pic. of a Mercedes track car as you speak of. It looks streetable but it says it's a track car only.
hello; I seen a pic. of a Mercedes track car as you speak of. It looks streetable but it says it's a track car only.
It's available as an option on the high end models. It's killer. With a blend of black and chrome trim, you could make a killer Buick.


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You obviously have not seen the new $100,000 AMG Mercedes. They come in 3 satin colors and are bad as hell. Its a satin metallic. Very expensive and cool. Your opinion is noted.

come on Coach don't get crazy on us now with all kinds of assumptions.
I have seen all kids of "junk" in satin and just because its expensive it doesn't make any it nicer.
I do like small satin accents the same color of the rest of the car.

Edit -- It does look OK at best on some cars.
If you don't do the newer type satin with a clear its a pain to keep clean
Every mark shows, every fingerprint shows etc
I have talked with my guy about adding a clearcoat to it. He said he can add flatner to the clear.
Never wax, just soap and water. I had my rims powder coated satin as well.
Wow that is coming out great. Wonder what something like this costs? Lol. Can anyone tell me what size and type of rims are on this pro touring GN I LIKE EM ALOT!!!!

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So its official, the car is at the body shop! Last update for awhile.

Few more pictures of the mirrors, one warning... there is no body line under the factory mirror so if you move it you have to recreate it. You can see how well it really lines up, much better than factory. As you can see all the old holes are filled now




New boost controller is in, RJC was fine but this thing is awesome. Scott Atk turned me on to this

The rear seatbelt hole is gone which also makes it official that every single body panel on this car has been modified

And a surprise , last minute, addition, Hydroboost
Whick hydroboost kit did you end up going with?

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And... she is one color again lol. Went by today and they are done with the first prime and are making the custom spoiler. Should be completely blocked out again and in 2nd prime by Friday I'm being told.