1987 pro-touring grand national, from the ground up

Thanks, call anytime. Been busy and I'm forgetful but I always try and answer my phone lol. Drive down for SEMA in november, short 2500 mile drive hah

Speaking of SEMA, with the amount of work you've done to this car I don't think it would be out of place there. Just a thought.
About the flares, you've gone completely out of the box and custom, why not go a little farther and design your own flares to fit the car? They don't have to be GNX styled.
Ok small update, the C4 mirrors are installed and moved forward. We painted them with a rattle can so they would blend in a little more when we were seeing what they would look like

This picture is before they were moved, the rest are after so you can see the difference

and after


also thought you guys might like to see some of their other cars

Opel GT with an ls / t56 combo going in it, no accounting for taste I guess lol



Air dam showed up, these things look way better in person than in pictures. Needs a little work but will hopefully be mounted tonight

Kenne Bell air dam is installed, these things fit like crap. Going to take quite a bit of modification and work to get it right. Looks ok from 5 feet away and the scoop on the bottom almost lines up perfect with the pte intercooler scoop

Oh wow. You have done an amazing job with the car. I just read all 42 pages over the last couple days. Thank you for posting your build. I will continue to read it till your done (if that can ever really happen..lol).
Thanks, but its nearing a close. The lower door panels, center console, trunk and dash is done its just being worked on outside of the car with the stereo/upholstery shop and today the car goes to the body guy. When it gets back in a month and the interior is put in its finally done!
I do like the new side mirror locations. Cleans up the look since the mirrors seem to blend into the A-pillar. And the more angular shape blends into the body better than the more rounded factory mirrors.
So its official, the car is at the body shop! Last update for awhile.

Few more pictures of the mirrors, one warning... there is no body line under the factory mirror so if you move it you have to recreate it. You can see how well it really lines up, much better than factory. As you can see all the old holes are filled now




New boost controller is in, RJC was fine but this thing is awesome. Scott Atk turned me on to this

The rear seatbelt hole is gone which also makes it official that every single body panel on this car has been modified

And a surprise , last minute, addition, Hydroboost
Subscribed for sure....thanks for the help in my wheel spec thread.

What helped you decide on those bumpers? (fiberglass versus aluminum)... I'd like to find the lightest ones available for my GN as well.

I love the smoother look too. Congrats again!
Yeah, I'm sorry I meant the supports, but what do you mean when you say inset? By the way, wouldn't that would be kind of cool if someone made full aluminum bumpers? ...(lighter than steel; stronger than fiberglass)

And since we are on the subject of aluminum, was it even a consideration to use an aluminum block? (less weight vs. cost and not as strong to handle the boost?)

Have I said I love this build yet....lol. By far, the trickest thing to me is the TCI 6-speed and paddle shift.....does it shift as tight as my stock one does?

Sorry, for the bombardment of questions, but this is an awesome build...definitely gives me ideas for mine...