1987 Regal Limited w/ Turbo (Black Wheels)

Lee main

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Just lookin for better insight on regal limted with turbo cars, is this car soposed to have black wheels?

Picked the car up last year,car has the right wheel style but the inside faces are paint black like 84-85 gn wheel.

Cant find anything online. See pics for refrance!

Thanks everyone.


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That car in the pic was special ordered in the fall of 1986 as an 87 with cornering lights which were not offered in 87 as an option from what I was told. I have an 87 similar in dark red metallic with cornering lights.
You could get cornering lights in 1987 just not with the blackout trim package that was also available on the Limitied.
interesting. thanks for clearing that up for me :cool:. That rules out that they only came in the special order in 86 thingy.
I don't think the black out trim ones had the chromes strips, there's plenty of owners of them here that can give you better advice than me, I only priced one in 1987 when ordering my car (not a Limited). Couldn't get the cornering lights in black and I didn't want the chrome version Limited and the one I did price came out to well over my budget loaded up.
I'm sure a Limited N/A V6 or V8 version would have the proper trim maybe a good used or junkyard part would work?