1987 T-type WE4


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Sep 18, 2008
Selling the car as is. The car currently doesn't have a engine installed. I do have a stock long block in a crate with 30k miles on it. Exterior is straight and in great shape. Interior is in pretty good condition. Driver seat has a tear, steering wheel needs recovered and needs a new horn cover. All parts are in the trunk of the car. I do have other parts that go with it. Double roller timing chain. LS valve springs, gasket kit, couple coil packs and set of heads. I do have other pics I can email. I will try and post a later of the VIN and ID to prove that it is a WE4 Asking $5800.00 OBO. Price is very negotiable. Shoot me an offer. Let me know if you are interested. Located West of Wichita Kansas. Send me an email at bad1078@yahoo.com or a PM. Thanks
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Not willing to sell the long block seperate. Located West of Wichita Kansas
I am ready to sell this car. Don't be afraid to make me a reasonable offer.
No G80 no posi. Similar to the WE4 I just picked up. My other WE4 has a few more options. The rear can always be converted to posi anyway.
Ok is the long block from this car? What is the mileage on the Car? any rust? does it still have the rear aluminum drums? Why is the engine out of the car?
The long block is not from the car. The car has 59237 on it. There is a bit of rust starting on the driver side floor pan. Not sure about the rear aluminum drums. The original engine had a lot of issues when it was removed to be rebuilt.