1987 Turbo Buick: OEM Fuel Rail Cap


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Hi everyone. I'm looking to restore my 1987 Buick Grand National to completely stock factory condition. Unfortunately, I seem to have lost the factory fuel rail cap that would have been taken off when I installed the fuel rail gauge.

Does anyone happen to know where to get an OEM replacement for this part? It looks to be made out of metal. See attached picture:

I would bet TurboLou has one sitting around, maybe even the one that came off my car..... :)

He's built hundreds and hundreds of engines, puts an FP gauge on almost every one.
Thanks for all the responses! I just wanted to see if there was an actual oem part I could order offline if needed, but I'll check the parts wanted section as well.

Maybe I'll send off a message to TurboLou as well lol.
CAP => gm 25532662; still a good part # but probably do not look like the original caps tooling/knurling wise...functionally the same but probably different in appearance. internet search results available from tons of places.

schrader valve => 25532663