1987 Turbo Regal, maroon, 56k, very nice car


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May 24, 2001
1987 Buick Regal Turbo T
Canadian import
Located in Cedar Falls, Iowa
See http://www.cedarcrestspeedlab.com and pictures in this thread.

  • 90,744 km / 56385 mi
  • Garnet red metallic (GM paint code 076)
  • hardtop
  • owned since 1998.
  • Trophy winner at many car shows
  • This is a factory light weight with virtually no options. Crank windows, no cruise, no tilt, manual locks. Less stuff to break is how I look at it. :) It does have aftermarket positraction.
  • Car was from Canada. It was imported by me in 1998 and titled in Iowa with no problems at all. Keep in mind that the speedo and odometer is in KMH when looking at the dash picture.

Extras included:

  • Set of (4) 1987 aluminum T wheels/caps. Tires will need replacing on these.
  • Fitted car cover
  • Rear brake lines
  • NOS coil pack


  • 3.8 SFI Turbo
  • Manley valves
  • O-ringed heads
  • TE-44 turbo from Precision Turbo and Engine
  • stock intercooler
  • Ford Blue Top 36psi injectors
  • Walbro 307 fuel pump with hotwire kit
  • Poston’s mechanical fuel pressure gauge (under hood)
  • MAF Translator with LS1 MAF sensor (First Gen Translator)
  • Stock ECM with TurboTweak 93 octane chip
  • Stock GM TH2004R with D5 torque converter, well maintained
  • Chrome turbo cover, up-pipe, MAF pipe, EGR cover, oil breathers, oil filler

  • Hooker cat back 2.5” exhaust
  • Super Comp mufflers exiting in stock location with proper slash cut tips
  • BGC 3” downpipe
  • Adjustable stock style wastegate actuator with correct mount for TE-44 turbo.
  • Stock crack-free headers
  • There is no catalytic converter on this car, only a “test” pipe.

Braking, Suspension, Wheels:
  • stock calipers, discs and drums.
  • Converted to Hydroboost (2010)
  • Auburn Pro posi traction
  • Wheels Front: 15x7 Weld Pro Star with BFG 235/60 15
  • Wheels Rear: 15x8 Weld Pro Star with BFG 275/50 15
  • Cargo coils and ATR air bag kit in springs, fill valve in rear bumper. I don't know if these still work.

  • Garnet red metallic paint, code 076, professionally re-painted in 1998.
  • No 3.8 SFI TURBO emblems on the hood. The rest are correct.
  • Maroon interior with bucket seats and center console
  • T-Type floor mats
  • Kenwood CD Player
  • VDO Boost and Water Temperature gauges in A-Pillar pod
  • VDO Oil pressure and Casper’s Knock Gauge in console tray
  • Headliner replaced with ABS plastic unit in 2011

Interior is exceptionally clean and tastefully modified. The dash is not cracked aside from minute ones around the speaker covers.

The Good:
I have owned this car since 1998 and I have enjoyed it very much. It has been treated with respect and cared for. It is stored winters and is only driven on nice days in the good months. It has never seen a wet road during my ownership.

The car is absolutely gorgeous, but not perfect. It has won many first place finishes in its class at local car shows, most often entered in a class called Street Machines 1983-present. It gets looks and compliments everywhere it goes and I am very proud to have owned it and maintained it to a level it deserves. The car is not hacked up or shoddily done in any way.

The paint is in immaculate shape. There is no rust on the car at all and VERY few imperfections. It has always been washed and regularly waxed with either Zaino or Meguiars products. I have included pictures of the car as well as close-ups of the areas I am not happy with. The front bumper fillers are very brittle and delicate as I found out when I put my hand through the passenger side one by accident. They will need replacing.

The car has various modifications but this has slowed down a lot in the last 8 years. However, everything done to the car looks like it was done yesterday since I maintain it to a high level.

I went through the brake system in 2010 replacing the rear wheel cylinders and converting to Hydroboost. The fluid is fresh and clean and has been bled correctly. The transmission fluid and filter were last changed in the fall of 2011. The old fluid was not burnt or dirty nor was the pan full of black powder. It still shifts crisp and clean.

I bought the car with 41k on it in 1998 and have driven it about 16k miles to date. It has never seen rain or snow or even been on a wet road during my ownership. I was told it was stored winters when I bought it and the underbody reflects that.

The Bad:
The car is not perfect. I will list some areas that I feel need attention. Nothing is a pressing need ... just things on the “list” that I would have addressed over time:
  1. Air conditioning is present but not functioning. I haven’t ever fixed it because I just don’t use it. It has not worked in over ten years, so I imagine the system will need an overhaul and not just a charge.
  2. The front passenger side bumper filler now has a hole in it under the headlight from age and becoming brittle. I was washing the car and put my hand right through it. Both of them should be replaced. I had planned on getting Spoolin6 fiberglass replacements.
  3. The steering wheel leather is looking old. Certainly still presentable, but it could stand to be reworked. It just doesn’t fit with the cleanliness and attention to detail the rest of the car has.
  4. The rear speakers (stock 4x10) need to be replaced as a pair. One of them is blown, although you don’t notice it much with regular volume levels. The Kenwood CD stereo works .
  5. There is an annoying exhaust leak (a flutter) emanating from what I believe is the driver’s side of the car. The header is known crack free and I had it off and inspected. It was reinstalled using a Remflex crush gasket but the noise remains. I am pretty confident that the header and crossover is sealed. I notice it most when the car is cold, but you also notice it when cruising at low rpm, like in OD. When the car is cold, it will produce a chirping flutter that goes away when the engine heats up. I have not been able to adequately diagnose and fix this problem. It is not turbo sneeze ... I know what that is. :)
  6. The car really needs to be tuned correctly with a scan tool. It runs well, but I do not feel like it is running at maximum potential.
  7. Will need a catalytic converter if your state requires it. We don’t have smog checks in Iowa, so you will need to put one on if you require it. I will not supply one with the sale.
I have been as honest as I can with this car and have given all of the "goods and bads" I can think of. I have owned it for almost 18 years and no one else has ever driven it in that time. It gets looks and compliments everywhere it goes and I can't count the number of times people have come up to me asking about it and telling me how great it looks. I take care of my stuff.

Asking Price:
$11,500 (was $12,500)
I will never find another one like it and you will have a gem. No trades.

In the pictures below, the cardboard is under the car because it was leaking oil due to the oil filter getting cut by the intercooler mounting bracket. I fixed this and cleaned up the undercarriage after these pictures were taken.














Cracked bumper filler along with a missing piece. Grrrrr.

Scraped bumper filler


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Sorry, back from vacation. This is to avoid telemarketing bots: Phone # is thr33 won nine too won five nine five thr33 fore
Had a few offers but I really don't want to take the Welds off and sell them separately. It's a package deal with everything listed. It does come with great stock wheels but the tires have been sitting on them since 1999 in the garage. They have great tread but I don't think I'd trust them sitting that long. Just FYI. Also, I can't really drive far to meet for delivery. You'd need to arrange for pickup.
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Had a few offers but I really don't want to take the Weld's off and sell them separately. It's a package deal with everything listed. It does come with great stock wheels but the tires have been sitting on them since 1999 in the garage. They have great tread but I don't think I'd trust them sitting that long. Just FYI. Also, I can't really drive far to meet for delivery. You'd need to arrange for pickup.
i tred calling you last week left a message but you never called back
New price is $11,500.
I have tried to get back to everyone who inquired but if I missed anyone, I apologize.
A few more pics taken this week.

Rust free

Options sticker. They probably could have printed it on a postage stamp with as light as this car is. Feel free to run the VIN. It is clean on Experian Autocheck and CarFax. No accidents with a clear title in hand.
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It is but everyone seems to have 10k to offer. I can't count the number of people who have just that much to spend. I am going to keep it available for a week or two and put it away for the winter and keep it. I am not under any pressure to sell, which is nice. I wasn't aware the market was so soft for these cars right now. If others are getting 15k plus they must be EXTREMELY nice cars.
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Car will be available until the end of the month and then it goes into storage for yet another winter. The VIN is right on the option sticker picture if you want to run an Experian AutoCheck or Carfax. It rated a 47 with Experian with typical ratings being 27 for cars of this vintage. No accidents and proper accounting. This is a great car for the money so it must be the low options hurting it. If that's the case, I will just hang onto it come spring. :)
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Thanks. I forgot to list that it also includes:

Stock working Powermaster brake system
NOS coil pack
Rear brake lines

Will be off the market at the end of the month.
iv tried to buy car over month
have called dozen times
no answer
left message to call me back not a word wtf